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Nasonex for ear fluid or wait it out?

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I'm nervous about the side effects. Our 4 yo ds was given Nasonex for persistent fluid (it's been 3 months maybe longer going unnoticed) in his ears. Doc said it was thick like honey, but didn't use the words "glue ear". He is having trouble saying his r's and l's and had a rough year in preschool, they labeled him as "defiant" and that was very unusual for him. So now our ENT who I trust and is a great doc, took my oldest's tonsils and adenoids out despite years of my protesting and she sailed thru with flying colors and it was the best thing ever despite my fighting it up until the last minute! so I trust this doc. She said the fluid may have been there a while since his speech is affected by it and to give him this Nasonex for 6 weeks and then we'll see if this helped the fluid drain. If not, tubes to help it drain otherwise it's a sitting duck for infection, especially when school starts.

so I was onboard until I read the insert. I had a debate about vaccinating him (we are on a delayed and selective schedule and was due for some in a couple of days) but now I'm not doing that while he's on this steroid. She said no worries about side effects in such low doses..i believed her. But all over the place it says exposure to Chicken pox or Measles could be deadly. So now I'm really confounded. I was given this spray numerous times dealing with my older dd's tonsils. I never gave because each and every time I'd get home and feel uneasy about using it (one time even after my dh bought a $90 script of it!). But because of our delayed vaxing, my kids haven't had the MMR or the Chicken Pox vax and won't until they are older and haven't gotten the illnesses (they haven't gotten them yet either). So now I'm thinking I hate knowing the fluid is still there, lingering, affecting his hearing (she said she knows he's down 20% just by the look of the fluid and i trust that, she's very experienced), and just waiting to be infected. but i know in our community Chicken pox is going around. Even at the swim school we attend one of the teachers had it. I dont' want to give him this spray. But now I feel like i" signing him up for ear tubes. Which really, if that will relieve him of this issue and avoid countless antibiotics I'm ok with that. But i feel like I'm waiting and putting him at risk. But that is silly because lord knows how long this fluid has been there. He isn't bothered by it. but it's affecting his pronunciation. I know CP is in our community now and I'd hate to put him at risk of something I considered a safe illness if the dc were to get it only because he's on some steroid that might not even work. I have pictures in my head of him in the hospital from getting CP and being on this. I dont' know what to do.

Should I just drop the nasonex and not try? Is that irresponsible? Should I do it and hope he isn't exposed? I know it's been in our schools this past spring and our county sent out a health letter saying they are seeing high than usual rates of it. It seems silly to do the spray. But do I show up at the doc in 6 weeks when she wants to see him and say we didnt do the spray and he still has fluid, sign him up for tubes. what should I do?? Are the dangers of this real? It seems so from all I've read. not only that it can actually cause what we are trying to avoid right now, a respitory infection increasing the fluid...duh.
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I've used nasonex before. I have allergies and rhinitis that result in fluid in the ears for months at a time if not treated and taking medication has been the only thing that gets rid of it. Fluid in my ears drives me nuts and I wouldn't want to get ear tubes. Personally for me the immediate risks associated with hearing loss as a result of the immediate problem are more important than the theorical possiblity that he might CP. And I'd want to avoid ear tubes if I could.
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So why would you want to avoid ear tubes? For me I'd only want to avoid because he can't go swimming. We swim every day and then weekly in the winter so it would be a set back for him learning for sure,which I don't like. But other than that, this doc took my 7 yo's tonsils and adenoids and I feel like she really knows her stuff. But to assume my kids are vaxed against CP and measles makes me nervous. I dont know. Maybe I dont know how uncomfortable it is for him. From what I've read it seems he has glue ear because it causes no discomfort. For him it's the hearing but he's a happy kid so I just don't know.

so, tell me why I should avoid ear tubes? My only hesitation is that this has been his only ear infection so it seems drastic from that standpoint I guess. Like why hasn't this happened before?
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I'm not going to talk to you into anything. It's your kid and your decision. I didn't assume your kids were vaxed against CP and measles. I'm no vax anyway, and even if they were it's not a guarentee that they wouldn't get it. On the other hand just because they aren't doesn't mean they will get it either, in the next 6 weeks. Which is what we are talking about 6 weeks. I just prefer to deal with what is actually happening instead of focusing on what could possibly maybe happen. I'd want to avoid ear tubes because for me I see them as more invasive than a spray for 6 weeks, because I happen to love the water and wouldn't want to not be able to swim in the summer time especially.

Regardless if it's his own diagnosed ear infection they seem to think it's causing hearing loss, and I'd want that alleviated ASAP.
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oops double post from a forum hickup
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oh no, I know you aren't trying to talk me into anything. I just do not know a thing about ear tubes. And after my dd's surgery (and I was living in denial for years about the way she was feeling on a daily basis with her tonsils so large) I just assumed I could handle going thru something that seemed much simpler, like with adults I think they do it under local actually, which is amazing to me. But I was just trying to get a gauge for if I'm micromanaging at this point and thinking of all the things that could happen and downplaying how serious it is that it's affecting his hearing. Like you say, you'd want that dealt with right away, but maybe because he's so good natured I dont' know how he's really feeling? I don't know. I felt bad because tonight he was ready to do the nose spray and asked why we weren't doing it.

It's just hard reading all the "dangers" on the insert and the internet about the side effects. I just feel like I don't know if it will work and I'm putting him at risk of the side effects when it may resolve on it's own (I kind of feel like not though) and for me, ear tubes against something that lowers the immune function for 6 weeks makes me nervous. Also I think if it weren't summer, like if it were Feb she'd have said get the fluid out.

What i dont know is what the fluid will do. I mean if I decide to not do the Nasonex will his hearing get worse, will his eardrum perforate? what exactly happens? Infection?
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It sounds like maybe you should talk more with the Dr so you can get these questions answered and feel more confidant making the right decision, whatever that happens to be in this case.
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Nasonex is no biggie! My dd used it for several years and now takes claritin daily. My policy is never read the package insert. Seriously! And I am a nurse - I NEVER read them. My daughter had no side effects. She also had ear tubes put in twice - they really helped.
I needed ear tubes as a child ( I am 47 and they didn't really do them much back then). I am now deaf in one ear and will do anything to prevent my daughter from having that happen to her. Because of all the damage to my ear from constant fluid I have had SIX major ear surgery and need a 7th but I am too stubborn to have it.
Please do whatever it takes to preserve your child's hearing!
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I understand not wanting to give any meds to your child. I had to use Nasonex while nursing. I woke up one night with the room spinning (no I had not been drinking). I started feeling very nauseous so DH brought me a pot. With his help I attempted to get out of bed and walk to the bathroom which is in our room. I was so dizzy that he had to guide me. I made it into the bathroom then passed out hitting my face on the pot I was carrying. Then I started throwing up. This continued until I got a shot of phenergan at the Dr. office (which I do not go to unless I have to). This day was miserable...much worse than childbirth. I can not even explain the car ride. It was horrible!! I was even throwing up in the office while sitting in a wheel chair because I was so weak. All of this because I had simply had fluid in my ears! I had no idea either. So my advice is to not let this go untreated. I do not want any child to have to go through that! However, I am not advising you to go ahead with the Nasonex either. Are there any natural treatments to help? If you do decide to use the Nasonex, keep in mind that any side affect any person experienced while testing the Nasonex is reported on the package insert (some of which may not have been caused by the med). Good luck with your decision.
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As far as getting tubes and not being able to swim in the summer - I will say that when my daughter was younger she had tubes put in.. and we had specially made earplugs for her to wear so she could swim. About a week after the surgery we took her back to get molds made of her ear canals and they made the earplugs for her.. she wore them all the time.. she was a water baby. Worked great!
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thank you everyone so much. I'm feeling much better about the Nasonex and realizing how important it is for him to not damage his hearing. Not that I didn't think so before just all of this has been a little hard to comprehend because he's never had an ear infection before this one in April but maybe that fluid has been present for a while. Although when he had his well visit one year ago it was not. so all this happened in the past year and I guess that has just seemed a little to much to take in.

And I can't believe the story about falling over and feeling dizzy. Wow.I did read it can affect your balance and that children with this are more clumsy than other so I guess that is why. I am glad to know also that the consensus seems to be the Nasonex is worth taking to try and get rid of this fluid for him, despite the possible side effects. So I'm feeling much better, thanks everyone. I am quite a bit relieved now.
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My DD had fluid in her ears that impacted her hearing (we had it tested). Before we saw an ENT we took gluten & dairy out of her diet and the fluid went away and has not returned. i realize this sounds radical and much harder than giving nasonex (and it is) however, in our case, we believe my daughter either has celiac or gluten intolerance which has also led to dairy intolerance. We're hoping that once her digestive system heals we can reintroduce dairy.

Anyhow, you might want to check out the book "Childhood Ear Infections"

I realize you haven't mentioned ear infections but the book also talks about water on the ear and some alternative things you can try before doing surgery. Perhaps you could get some ideas while you are doing your nasonex trial.

Another possibility might be to find a craniopath, which is a chiropractor with special training. My son has been seeing one for enlarged adenoids and it is really helping.
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