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danbee's Avatar danbee 02:22 AM 08-11-2010
I'm wondering if someone can give me info about the initial symptoms of whooping cough? I have a 5 mth old baby, no vax except HIB at 4 mths. Yesterday he started having a mild cough, usually when he was somewhat active (after sitting for a long time). I didn't think anything of it but tonight DH mentioned it to me and right now DS is awake (should be sleeping) and we've noticed he's coughing quite a bit more. It seems to be when he's laying on his back & wiggling around or active (he's playing on the bed right now). He's perfectly happy & active otherwise and the cough doesn't seem to bother him. I barely noticed it during the day. No runny nose either and no temp. I've read the basic websites "starts with mild cough, runny nose, low-grade fever" but I'm wondering if someone has actually seen it and can give me more info? Does this sound like whooping cough? I know how important it is to start treatment early so that's why I want to make sure I catch it right away if that's what it is.


Marnica's Avatar Marnica 04:32 PM 08-11-2010
WC starts out looking like a typical cold. The cold seems to clear up and then the coughing starts in earnest. What you describe does not sound like WC.