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_ktg_'s Avatar _ktg_ 04:23 PM 09-03-2010
Hi Wise Women-

A good friend & I were discussing random issues and this topic came up as she is a new mom, still BF and has a bit of a cold.

She was advised to avoid hibiscus (I am assuming in teas) and elderberries by her HCP.
Has anyone heard this before? Both of us seemed puzzled by this and we've tried the link in Kellymom, but it is no longer working.

Can anyone point me to any literature in support or refutes this idea?


quantumleap's Avatar quantumleap 10:43 PM 09-03-2010
I just scoped out my "Herbs: Everyday Reference for Health Professionals" for either of those two, and came up empty. It's a good book, but not extensive for sure!
Anyway, I specifically asked about elderberry when I saw both our local ND and another ND who is a friend, as well as at the local herbal pharmacy when I was dealing with my first real cold while breastfeeding. All gave the go-ahead. I wouldn't worry about the elderberry. Really.
The hibiscus is logical to me that it would be an "avoid" or "use in cautious moderation" category. It acts on your liver and the detoxifying effects would be not exactly desirable while breastfeeding. It makes sense to me that it would be contraindicated, but I have no info, offhand, to support my theory! Hopefully someone else can help you out.
You can try calling Motherisk in Toronto. Their website is pretty useless, but apparently they're very helpful in person/on the phone. It isn't a toll free call though...