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windorabug 10-02-2010 10:57 PM

My dd who will be 4 next month has had this ongoing cough for months. At one point she was diagnosed with walking pneumonia & went on antibiotics. But the cough has returned again. This time & previous times (other than the pneumonia) it has been a dry cough often when jumping & running. There is no wheezing or whooping sound & her ped has ruled out whooping cough but she is at a loss about what could be going on. I don't think it is allergies but that is a possibility. I really can't believe that she has had this many colds one after another for months. Other than the cough she is totally fine, running, playing, eating normally, no fevers, not lethargic (except with the pneumonia) there is just nothing else really wrong - her lungs sound clear too.

Anyone have any ideas or a similar experience? I keep going back to the ped & she keeps telling me it's a mystery!

windorabug 10-03-2010 03:11 PM

No ideas at all?

LionessMom 10-03-2010 04:06 PM

i just wanted to tell you my experience. ds had walking pneumonia at age 6. for years after he would have a recurrent cough. dry hacky sometimes caused a sore throat. they couldnt figure it out. the first year they tried acid reflux meds. the second year we tried allergy stuff, the year after that the doc tried something else. i cant even remember. my son hated taking the meds. he is 15 now and still gets it on and off. they have looked at him every which way. tested him for asthma etc. nothing did anything. it did get better when we moved to a new house, then even better after we gave away our border collie. but that could have been coincidence. just recently he had costeocondritis. i think it is how you spell it. where his connective tissue around the breastbone got inflamed. the gave him anti immflamatory meds. he is better now after 2 weeks. he has never been sick otherwise. he never catches the colds his little sisters get. if he does catch something, he gets over it sooner and easier than everybody else. so let me know what the doctor suggests....

Naturopath Mom 10-03-2010 05:04 PM

A cough is usually an indication that something needs to get out of the lungs....usually. I would start with some herbs that help the lungs/coughing such as mullein, lobelia, lungwort, hyssop and horehound. You can also try some warm compresses to the chest area, using some ginger and/or cayenne, but of course take caution on such delicate skin as your dd probably has. You can test a small area with a little first, just to make sure.

In peace & health,

koru 10-03-2010 06:12 PM

I have something similar! 2 years ago I had mycoplasma pneumonia followed by months of coughing. I also had my first ever & very severe sinus infection. Over that winter I took two courses of antibiotics & stupidly didn't take probiotics. After 2 years of trying various treatments, I'm now convinced my issue is candida! I'm not sure how you approach this in a child but I've been cleansing for about a week & plan to continue until I feel some relief of symptoms.

I would also ask your DD if she feels like something is dripping down her throat or if it's coming from her lungs. My issue is definitely post-nasal drip....fluid is coming from my sinuses & I have a constant urge to clear my throat and/or cough.

Fmsamainakavika 08-09-2012 03:51 PM

Hi all, I live in a developing country in the Pacific. Iam facing a similar situation with my ds who is 4. My ds have had persistant coughs usually in the morning and at times if he had been playing like running around. He had it for months now. I have taken him to the doctor several times but they have listened to his breathing, given antibiotics, cough syrups etc. The cough never disappear, it comes back after some time. I give him a teaspoon of a mixture of ginger, honey and lemon and it lessen the persistant of the cough. I also see to it that he drinks alot of water and he is dressed warmly during the cold weather. Now and then I rub his chest, his back and the sole of his feet with vapour rub mix with coconut oil or baby oil will do with vapour rub. I have heard from people and even read that it will eventually go away and I am hopeful that it will.

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