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Sweat smells like cat urine???

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DH does heavy physical training at least once a week (heavy meaning he sweats a lot) He does it in the morning and his clothes sit in his bag in the car all day...

and when you open the bag it smells like a cat peed in it! We don't have a cat and he doesn't come in contact with cats. So, I can't figure out why his clothes would smell like this...
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Is it all of his clothes or just his socks? Do his shoes reek? Shoes can start to smell like cat urine and that could transfer on to his socks and make all his clothes smell. It's something about the glue in the shoe. My DH and DD's cleats smell that way a lot, I make them keep them out in the garage. My running shoes started to smell and made my orthotics smell. I got rid of it by spraying them with a pet odor remover and leaving them out in the sun. http://www.associatedcontent.com/art...ll_of_cat.html
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Dh's clothes smell like that when he does SCA heavy combat (dressed like a knight in shining armor, hitting other similarly dressed people with sticks, for hours on end in the hot sun)

Gotta injest more carbs and water!
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