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I'm in the beginning of my research into vaccinations for my baby (due in June) and df and I were looking at the recommended vaccine schedule (from the CDC website) and he says he wants baby to get the MMR vaccine because many people in his family have had measles and a few have had rubella and mumps. Personally I'd rather avoid all vaccinations, but I want to make well-informed decisions with df. So, how serious/dangerous are measles, mumps and rubella? I guess I'm just trying to find out if the vax is worth the risks. I don't want to vax if the diseases aren't life-threatening or likely to produce long-term effects. Any advice?
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I guess I would be curious what his family experienced haven gotten those diseases? So many of the dieases they vax for just take a long time to heal and so vax is convenient for that and our society its all based on making money and working hard. (my opinion)
So just read what you can about the diseases, maybe read about the # of cases of each in your area etc. that helped me.
Read as much as you can and I think you should be able to split them up too as I always remember having horrible flu like reactions to the MMR. sarah
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I would advise you to go to the vax forum here & search on MMR to have a look there.

My baby got rubella a few weeks ago. She was 8 1/2 months old at the time. Somewhat co-inciodentally, one of the children at my older dd's kindegarten had very recently received her MMR. dd ot a rash all over her body, got a bit hot & sweaty a couple of times, was a tad grisly & that was it. She was still exclusively bf at the time, I gave her some sodium ascorbate & some probiotic powder & I had a whole heap of fish oil so the vit A went thru to her. All in all it was a pretty minor occurence.
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I just got done reading Vaccines are they Really Safe and Effective? by Neil Z ****** and I highly recommend it. Personally, you couldnt pay me 1 million bucks to inject any of the vaccines into my child. I am totally disgusted by vaccines and the vaccine schedule and each time I read a new study I am so angry at pharmaceutical companies, drs who go along with it, and the government for covering up some things......anyways......back to the topic (sorry I go off on tangents easily!)

Measles is contagious, symptoms include high fever, cough, runny nose, sore sensitive eyes, itchy rash, spots in mouth. Symptoms usually disappear within 1-2 weeks. Treatment consists of allowing the disease to run its course. Prior to the 60's most kids caught measles and complications were unlikely. It is more dangerous in malnourished children living in underdeveloped countries with poor nutrition, sanitation, and inadequate health care. The incidence to get encephalitis from measles now is 1/1000 measles cases in malnourished the US its more like 1/10,000 measles cases. Natural immunity is better than any vaccine. In 1989, 89% of the people who caught measles, were vaccinated anyways.

Rubella is dangerous for pregnant women (because it can cause birth defects) but when caught by children is a pretty tame disease. It usually escapes detection and sometimes passes for a cold. Treatment consists of allowing the disease to run its course. Again, natural immunity works the best. 55% of vaccinated women developed arthritis within 4 weeks of the vaccine. Cases of Rubella INCREASED after the vaccine was introduced.

Mumps symptoms include fever, headache, muscle ache, fatigue, swollen jawline and occasional swollen testicles and breasts. Treatment consists of allowing it to run its course. Takes about a week. If you catch mumps you have permanent natural immunity and will not contract it again. The mumps vaccine has been associated with diabetes within 2-4 weeks of the vaccine. The vaccine is also associated with aseptic meningitis, usually occuring within 15-35 days after receiving the vaccine.

There are many other complications associated with these vaccines. In personal experience, I received my last vaccination when I was 12. Supposedly it was "required" to enter into 6th grade (my mom didnt know any better)....anyways.....I missed 29 days of school that year to sickness. Coincedence? I think not. My non vaxed friend (whose parents are hippies and I thought they were quacks at the time, they did a waiver) got a perfect attendance award.

Mama to a teen and tween
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You will be surprised when you inform yourself of the childhood diseases and how actually "good" they are for the immune system. I know it sounds strang, but my three children had the mumps and measles and it gave them life-long immunity, which you will not get from vaccines.

Vaccines actually give artificial immunity until a child is college age at which time they become vulnerable to them again. Grown ups should not have childhood diseases. That is when they can become very dangerous.

Childhood diseases give a child early fevers, which are also beneficial. We used to know that before the government used fear tactics and the parmaceutical company realized how much money they can make by teaching pediatricians to scare people of every little ache and pain their child might have.

I believe US doctors are the most uninformed doctors in the industrialized world. They have been brainwashed by the medical books that are written by pharmaceutical companies for them to study. I have read the pediatric book they use. A huge book. The first chapter under measles states vaccination three times. There is something wrong with that picture. Nowere does it tell them how to treat the measles. It only scares them into believing that a child with measles is doomed. That is why they are so afraid of childhood diseases. And that's why they push vaccines so much.

But if vaccines prevent the childhood diseases then why would an unvaccinated child pose any threat to all the vaccinated children in a class room. I can tell you why. The vaccines actually do not work.

Good for you and your baby that you are getting informed. Always share all the information with the baby's father. You are right, it is a decision you have to make together. Good luck!

Edited to ad: I also read the book by Z. ****** - it is excellent! And I would really recommend it. Also the one by Jamie Murphy - What every Parent should know about Childhood Immunization.
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