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peilover010202's Avatar peilover010202 12:03 AM 10-30-2010
My dh has a strong history of heart disease in his family and has always been careful about his lifestyle (vegetarian, regular exercise, etc.)

Well, his most recent cholesterol test came back at 195. While that is still considered "normal", he's feeling like he needs to do other things to keep it in check given that exercise and a low cholesterol/low fat diet is not enough anymore. (He's 39, btw)

So, I've read about niacin, resveratrol, CQ10, etc, etc. But, I'm just not sure what would be best for him. Anyone used vitamins or supplements with good success? Any that you feel would be a good/better avenue to consider?

koru's Avatar koru 10:37 AM 10-30-2010
I don't have a lot of experience with this but years ago a friend of mine controlled his cholesterol with niacin. The hot flashes were annoying but they only last a few minutes (if I remember correctly) but he was happy with the outcome. And I don't think it was something he had to take indefinitely. He also started eating differently, though, which was probably a big contributor.