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umsami's Avatar umsami 10:24 AM 01-25-2011

OK, this is gross, I know.


We moved to NY from FL and the winter weather has been tough on us.  DS1 has really bad eczema--although oatmeal baths seem to be helping, along with cocoa butter, Omega 3s, and cortisone cream on really bad flare ups.  I've recently had very dry fingers--and yesterday, they became so bad that the skin has started to crack and bleed.  They're incredibly painful.  


Does anybody have any remedies?  Last night, I tried soaking them in warm olive oil...and then put a thick layer of cocoa butter and cotton socks on for night.  Didn't really help.

journeymom's Avatar journeymom 10:44 AM 01-25-2011

Not gross at all!


I found that Eucerin Aquaphor ointment works really well.  My sister the nurse uses it periodically since she's washing her hands constantly. My elderly dad's caregiver uses it on his problem legs, and for herself. She keeps a jar of it next to his kitchen sink.  So I've been using it on his legs as well and I'm really impressed with what it does to my hands. 


The manufacturer says it helps heal minor burns, including from radiation treatment, and it helps heal atopic dermatitis.


I don't mean to sound like an advertisement, but this stuff seems to work well.  I hope you get some relief!

Owen'nZoe's Avatar Owen'nZoe 11:37 AM 01-25-2011

Hey Umm Sami -


Not gross - unfortunately,it's just a fact of life for a lot of us in the north! :) I second the Eucerin suggestion. I use it before bedtime with gloves or socks, just like you tried with the cocoa butter.


The other thing you might want to consider is bathing less frequently than you might have been used to in humid Florida. I bathe my kids twice a week this time a year, and try to shower every other day (or even every third day if I don't work out) myself. It really makes a big difference! The kids don't tend to get too dirty this time of year anyway, since they are so bundled up.

umsami's Avatar umsami 02:46 PM 01-25-2011

Thanks to both of you.  I'll definitely try the Aquaphor/Eucerin.  


We are bathing less frequently, but I'm wondering if the lack of humidity from the heat is playing a part as well.


sophiesgrandma's Avatar sophiesgrandma 03:05 PM 01-25-2011

Yes, by all means, make sure you have a humidifier going unless you have one on your furnace. Forced hot air really drys everything out.

I've had the same problem and the only solution is to use hand cream constantly-everytime you wash your hands and before bed and it will get better.

mamaof5boys's Avatar mamaof5boys 03:33 PM 01-25-2011

We have used aquaphor in the past and if I remember correctly, it's vaseline based.  Needless to say we don't use it anymore.  Have you ever used vaseline for your lips?  Once you start you have to use it or your skin gets worse. 


I LOVE Lansinoh, or a lanolin based product.  Lansinoh is made specifically for breastfeeding mamas, but it work beautifully on dry skin.  It's super thick and greasy so I put it on and then put gloves on when I sleep, or I'll put some on a crack with a band aid.  Heals it right up. Good luck.

Annie Mac's Avatar Annie Mac 03:57 PM 01-25-2011

I second the lanolin suggestion. I have this problem every winter too, and have tried so many things for it. Lanolin isn't perfect, but it works the best of the myriad ointments I have tried over the years.

MAMom's Avatar MAMom 08:27 PM 01-25-2011


Originally Posted by umsami View Post

I've recently had very dry fingers--and yesterday, they became so bad that the skin has started to crack and bleed.  They're incredibly painful.  


Once my fingers crack, the thing that helps the most and the quickest is liquid bandaid.  It let's the cuts heal quickly and stops the bleeding and then I just try to keep them super moisturized (and keep moisturizer in my purse, car, nightstand and put it on whenever I think of it. 

dbsam's Avatar dbsam 09:04 PM 01-25-2011

My fingers are horribly split and cut every winter.   (Sometimes I've even resorted to coating them in neosporin and wearing gloves at night; I couldn't sleep because they were throbbing in pain.)

I've tried so many products but so far the best for me has been Bach rescue cream.


sunnysandiegan's Avatar sunnysandiegan 12:19 PM 01-26-2011

Our weather is a bit different than both NY and FL. We get dry, hot summers and no A/C, so that's when our skin issues come up more.


Be sure to drink lots of fluids, especially water (hot, cold, whatever....just plenty of it without any caffeine or sugar).

Eat healthy fats.

I use coconut oil internally and externally. It has some "magic" properties and feels really good and heals skin and prevents skin issues.


Best wishes!

CrunchyChristianMama's Avatar CrunchyChristianMama 12:20 PM 01-26-2011

I have that problem on my thumbs.  I've found that Egyptian Magic (I buy it at Whole Foods) works really well.  It's pricey, but you use such a small amount at a time that it lasts forever.  It works great on any kind of skin ailment.