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raksmama's Avatar raksmama 03:05 PM 04-11-2011


MBT shoes

Has anyone tried them?


They are very expensive but if they work, it would be worth it. I’ve worn comfort shoes for years, mostly Clark and Ecco but recently my feet,   the ball of my right foot, to be exact, has started hurting. I am wondering if these would be good. Or does anyone have any other suggestions?



firewoman's Avatar firewoman 07:30 AM 04-12-2011

I have had my MBT's for quite awhile now (years).  They are comfortable but I feel that the claim they shape your tush is a gimmick.  Spin class works WAY better.

raksmama's Avatar raksmama 01:23 PM 04-12-2011

Thanks for your reply!

I was considering them more because of foot pain rather than for toning, so I think I am going to look around more first.

Ackray's Avatar Ackray 01:32 PM 04-12-2011

I find them very uncomfortable.

firewoman's Avatar firewoman 07:19 PM 04-13-2011

I suffer from plantar fasciitis and the shoes that worked best to heal it up were Danskos.  They are amazing.  My foot is better now and when I'm on my feet all day I sometimes have flare ups (I'm a big barefoot or flip flop girl).  If I feel my foot getting inflamed I wear my Danskos and the pain goes away immediately.  I'd try them before MBT's for foot pain.

imogenlily's Avatar imogenlily 11:23 PM 04-13-2011

I find them very comfortable - unlike any other shoes. They did shape my tush noticeably in two weeks of wearing them at work. They also corrected my posture and eliminated a lot of lower back pain. That said, I only wear them at work, because I think they're unattractive and don't want to wear them anyplace else. It's quite noticeable that they're not "regular" shoes, and people often ask me if they're the Skechers shape-ups, which I think are tacky.