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insidevoice's Avatar insidevoice 07:36 AM 04-13-2011

I have two toddlers who both have pretty miserable croup along with moderate fevers and general malaise. It's clearly viral, and I will take them in to the doctor if there is a significant reason to, but if I can help them weather the worst of it at home I would prefer to give that a try.  So far we've been reading lots of books in a steamy bathroom, and keeping the humidifier going.  Overnight when it was too uncomfortable for them to sleep I did give them some ibuprofen to help with the inflammation making them croupy. 


Any suggestions you've found to work well? 

tanyalynn's Avatar tanyalynn 09:39 AM 04-13-2011

My son got croup twice, I think the normal nutritional support I do with all colds helped (at least, he was 7 mos old the first time, and it was a bit tiring but very manageable, not scary), lots of vitamin C (I dosed every few hours, for my son it took a lot to get to bowel tolerance) helped, and since then I've added in cell salts and those seem to rock for decreasing the intensity and length of our illnesses.  The cell salts thread is really helpful for discussion of how to use them


insidevoice's Avatar insidevoice 11:49 AM 04-13-2011

I'm pretty clueless about cell salts- I think I need to go read!  


We function largely from a foundation of supportive nutrition in our home, and I can really see a difference when we don't stay as on top of things as usual.  



haitimom's Avatar haitimom 05:29 PM 04-13-2011

I have found that cool night air is the most helpful at night when they seem to coughing the worst. If it's cold out I just bundle them up and sit outside. Inside I use a cool mist vaporizer, I think it works better that warm mist. I also try not to let them get overheated in bed. I uncover their feet. I also really like to use homeopathic Drosera and Spongia. HTH!

lindberg99's Avatar lindberg99 07:15 PM 04-13-2011

My son is nearly 11 yo and he still gets croup! I have really found the info here to be helpful. I remember sitting up one night on Christmas Eve reading that site, debating whether to go to the ER or not. So far, I've been able to deal with it at home and I'm hopeful that he'll outgrow this before he's a teenager!!


I hope your little ones feel better soon.