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QueeTheBean's Avatar QueeTheBean 12:38 PM 04-16-2011

I am in my early 40s and have never had any problems with mamograms until now.


1.  I was overdue by 2 years, but finally went in Feb.

2.  1st mamo "showed something" on left breast, probably nothing to worry about, but they wanted a re-do mamo.

3.  2nd mamo showed what they thought were cysts, probably nothing to worry about, but they wanted me to get an ultrasound.

4.  Ultrasound showed what they thought were several cysts, probably nothing to worry about, but they wanted me to get a clinical breast exam.

5.  I got the clinical brest exam this week, but since cysts still present through several menstrual cycles, but she wants me to get a biopsy (probably nothing to worry about).


I don't understand why I have to keep getting these tests if everyone knows that they are just cysts.  confused.gif


Would you get the biopsy done?

beebalmmama's Avatar beebalmmama 10:46 AM 04-17-2011

Personally I would and I have done in the past with a cyst that doctors and tests showed to be "probably benign". But then I have a history of breast cancer in my family and lost my mother to breast cancer. So it was scary for me. Plus the type of cyst had a possibility of growing especially with pregnancy and nursing. I was planning on having children at the time in the future and didn't want that added worry.


You usually have a choice of different biopsy approaches. A needle aspiration to take out cell, partial removal of the cyst and then full removal of the cyst. Did they refer you to a doctor who would be able to perform the biopsy? I met with the doctor who then ended up removing the cyst and they were able to discuss all the different avenues of biopsy.


Good luck with what you decide to do. It doesn't hurt to check it out especially if you have insurance to cover it. Some of the above approaches can be fairly non-invasive.

lindberg99's Avatar lindberg99 08:36 PM 04-17-2011

Yes, I would get it done. I would want to know for sure. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last year after a biopsy of a "probably nothing to worry about."

Calliope84's Avatar Calliope84 09:25 PM 04-17-2011

I had a fibroadenoma when I was pregnant and I got the needle biopsy done to find out what it was. Definitely get it checked out!

QueeTheBean's Avatar QueeTheBean 01:43 PM 04-18-2011

Thanks for the replies.  I guess I was wondering if the doctors were blowing things out of proportion, or trying to "cover themselves" and recommending things that weren't necessary.  I don't have a great history with the medical profession.  :(


Hmmmm.  I probably will talk to the breast surgeon that my GP suggested to see if she thinks the biopsy is necessary.


Thanks again. It is nice to get advice here!

MAMom's Avatar MAMom 06:17 PM 04-19-2011

You may also want to look into thermography and also treating cysts naturally.

Gator-mom's Avatar Gator-mom 09:00 AM 04-21-2011

I think that even though a biopsy is technically a surgical procedure, it's relatively safe and easy to do and I would think it's worth the piece of mind.  There are so many different types of breast cancer and you can only tell so much from mammograms and ultrasounds.  I think they do all of these procedures for just about anyone who looks 'suspicious' because when at all possible, they want to avoid missing something that they could have treated more easily early on if needed.


Good luck!  I know that going through all of this can be a bit nerve racking!