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Mamato3wild ponnie's Avatar Mamato3wild ponnie 07:28 AM 07-08-2011

My 5th baby...is 12 wks, ebf, not vax'd.... we have been living in the DR for almost a month. 5 days ago he starts with a fever, never goes higher than 100.9, runny nose, cough..vomitting on mucus. Turns into wheezing on day 3. Go to 3 different DR doctors until we are finally referred to a pediatrician. The Ped, listens to chest and offers a chest x-ray and blood work. He prescribes nebulizer w albuterol and another medicine to help loosen the mucus and a viral medicine(something to help a baby get over a virus quicker)...but i have not gave him that. I decline the chest x-ray and blood work. Now....only started the nebulizer last night...every 6 hrs. Have given 2 doses of the medicine to loosen the mucus. No improvement. I know it's still a bit early to tell. But i'm scared....im so afraid this is going to turn into something more. We go back in 3 days for a re-check and the doctor suggested that we call him if he gets worse. he is very big for his age. He weighs 17.9 lbs at 12 weeks. So he is not hurting as far as weight gain. He is nursing like a champ! Any words of encouragement or advice. I am doing the cusp percussion on his back about once an hour too.


Mamato3wild ponnie's Avatar Mamato3wild ponnie 09:14 AM 07-08-2011

Interesting fact....not one of the doctors that we've seen has asked us if our baby is vax'd!

MountainMamaGC's Avatar MountainMamaGC 02:45 PM 07-17-2011

If he gets a bad rattle in his chest or his lips or hands/feet start turning bluish then bring him back ASAP. I dont have any real advice other than to nurse him often to make sure he is hydrated. I hope the little guy feels better real soon.

flightgoddess's Avatar flightgoddess 12:28 PM 07-18-2011

Ditto hydrated, maybe an inclined sleep position? Wear him upright often so he is not on his back too much? Cool or warm baths depending on his temp and the weather's temp.