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awallrising's Avatar awallrising 09:03 AM 08-25-2011


My 4 week old baby just got diagnosed with GER.  He is exclusively breastfed.  I have a powerful letdown that I can't really feel so he gets a lot of gas (DS #1 got a lot of gas but didn't have GER)....not the cause but a mitigating factor.  The Ped prescribed Zantac but I'd prefer to not go this route since the baby is gaining weight & thriving.


I read all the info about keeping the baby upright more, raising mattress, etc.  Are there any natural remedies that you can recommend?  I saw something about Colic Calm (homeopathic being helpful).

kjbrown92's Avatar kjbrown92 09:31 AM 08-25-2011

We used gripe water for our dd2 (fennel, ginger, and chamomile). We also removed foods that were causing the reflux. For my son, it was dairy (most common). Knowing what I know now, I'd remove foods before going the meds route. (both of my younger two were on reflux meds before we figured out their food triggers).

awallrising's Avatar awallrising 12:50 PM 08-25-2011

Thanks.  He's only 4 weeks old so he's only getting breastmilk.  We already use gripe water so that's good.

mkat83's Avatar mkat83 11:00 PM 09-11-2011

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He's only 4 weeks old so he's only getting breastmilk. 

I think the pp meant remove dairy from YOUR diet.

K1329's Avatar K1329 05:48 AM 09-13-2011
My ds had this - it peaked at 6 weeks & was essentially gone by 12 weeks. Our ped said he doesn't prescribe meds or take any action in most cases until 12 weeks because so many babies outgrow it so quickly. JME. We kept him slightly elevated most of the time, and that helped.