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mama to 2 girls's Avatar mama to 2 girls 08:08 AM 09-29-2011

My ds who turned 3 yrs. old in July weaned himself the month before (in June) and he was only nursing 1-3 times a day at that point, sometimes once in the middle of the night. Is it normal to be able to express colostrum from my breasts almost 4 mos. after he has weaned himself?? 


I googled it and I read that it could be a sign of a pituitary gland tumor! I never would have noticed but my son was having a "melt down" and I picked him up to take him to his room and managed to put his knees together around my breast and then proceeded to pull away from me, ouch! I noticed a wet mark on my shirt (I was not wearing a bra at the time) and thought it was maybe just because he injured me but then I thought for the heck of it would see if it came out of my other breast and sure enough I was able to express the same thing from the other breast. It looks just like colostrum! 


Can anyone tell me what this could be, is it normal? Thanks! 

BellinghamCrunchie's Avatar BellinghamCrunchie 08:57 PM 09-29-2011

I can't tell you if it means anything or not health-wise, but DD weaned a year ago and I can still express colostrum.

cameragirl's Avatar cameragirl 09:00 PM 09-29-2011
It's normal. I could hand express a little milk or colostrum well after weaning DD. Some women can do it for much longer. If your worried, you can get your prolactin levels checked, but likely it is normal.