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CJA14's Avatar CJA14 02:13 PM 10-06-2011

Hi Ladies- Just wondering what your thoughts are regarding flying during the holiday season (to visit my family for Christmas). My little one is selectively vaccinated. I've read that plane air is recycled and also read that fresh air is still used (long flight; domestic)? Does anyone know which is correct? I'd appreciate any suggestions and experiences traveling during this time of year (from all that have & particuarly those that traveled with a young toddler).


Thanks in advance. :-)

Virginia Mom's Avatar Virginia Mom 12:18 PM 10-18-2011

We took the two kids to CA last year in Nov......they are zero to selectively vaxed....and no flu shots. We did a very strong regiment of Echinaecaha (I can't spell today). Anyways, it was not from a store.........but from a Master Herbalist in NY....we started about a month prior to trip.....ten days on, 4-5 off, ten get the idea......and took it with us............also, did baths every night on trip-----------and lots of hand sanitizer. They didn't get sick on trip......but they I did work my but off pumping up their immune systems.