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SheSpeeds's Avatar SheSpeeds 07:13 PM 10-09-2011

My 4.5 year old son has had frequent fevers.  After the last one, I recalled as many as I could, put them on a calendar, noted a pattern and predicted today's fever 3 weeks ago.  No other symptoms.  He sleeps when he has the fever, usually it's 100* - 101*.  If he actually gets sick with something, his fever spikes to 104.7*  Best I can tell this is something called Periodic Fever Syndrome. 


Who has experince with this and has advice on where I should start searching?


Sounds to me like an issue with his immune system reacting.  I feel like I should start with some allergy tests, see if there's any sensitivities that might be sapping some of his immune strength.  He's been checked recently for mono.




annie2186's Avatar annie2186 09:20 PM 10-10-2011

I've heard of fevers with no other symptoms being a "leaky gut" or something. I *barely* started looking into it when I had an upset stomach for about a week and was starting to worry it was permanent (I have always had a weak stomach/IBS issues).


Anyways - maybe do a search here in mothering for a "healing the gut" tribe or something like that. It is where I heard of it - maybe it might give you some idea's?

ma2two's Avatar ma2two 10:05 PM 10-10-2011

Sounds to me like an ongoing infection, such as Lyme or babesia. Many people are infected, but those with symptoms are the ones with weaker immune systems. So I would go about strengthening his immune system, focusing on the gut, with large amounts of probiotics at the core of the treatment, such as 450 billion per day (VSL#3). This is a long term treatment, but with an end, perhaps in about a year.

SheSpeeds's Avatar SheSpeeds 06:33 AM 10-11-2011

Thank you for your replies.  You both responded similarly to what I have in my mind.  We got some blood work done yesteday, one of which includes an IgG.  Which, a conventional MD requested before I had the chance to ask.  I just had my own IgG done (needs to be redone) so perhaps the two of us can heal our guts togehter.  I am soooo glad that we do not vaccinate, I have a little more rest in my mind that it's less likely to be metal toxicity.  Doesn't mean it's not...just that I feel our risk is lower than had he been vaccinated.