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phillytwinmama's Avatar phillytwinmama 07:44 AM 10-10-2011

I'm hoping all of you could help me figure things out as I'm relatively new to flowers.


I'm looking to figure out which FE to give my daughter.  She's 3 years old and extremely defiant and has pretty bad oppositional behavior.  (perhaps a twin issue?)  Anyway, "A" absolutely refuses to use the potty.  She's 3.5 years old, her twin sister potty trained in one weekend and this one fights me tooth and nail.  Her twin sister is very dominant and rules the roost so to speak, and sometimes I think "A"'s oppositional behavior is just to get her way, since she normally caves in to whatever her sister wants to do.  I've separated them in pre-school, and she was put with the younger ones since she's not PT'ed but they said they had to move her up because she's too advanced academically.  She's extremely creative and gentle and a very curious child, so I would want something that won't interfere with that.


As for "B", she's extremely competitive and perceptive, and has to be the center of attention at all times and takes tantrums to a whole new level.  I would love to find something to calm her down a bit so she gets along better with others.


Any advice appreciated.

goldenwillow's Avatar goldenwillow 08:33 AM 10-10-2011

Starting with a basic formula, Rescue Remedy may be a good start.  They have a couple different formulas for babies/children.  Dilute in a water bottle for the days water supply.