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organicmom3's Avatar organicmom3 05:42 PM 10-16-2011

My naturopath has recommended trying the blood type diet (I'm type 0) for increasing chances of fertility.... does anyone have thoughts on this diet?  I'm not into evolution and I know his theory is based on evolution....but I'm willing to give it a shot just to see if I do feel differently after being on it for a bit..... just curious though if anyone has had positive or negative experience with it?

organicmom3's Avatar organicmom3 02:13 PM 10-17-2011

So no one has had experence with this?

organicmom3's Avatar organicmom3 02:57 PM 10-18-2011

Has anyone used this for ANY reason??? (not just fertility)

Cupressa's Avatar Cupressa 04:32 PM 10-18-2011

I tried this diet, and it actually worked very well for me for my hypothyroidism. I do think that one can develop deficiencies on it, though, if it's followed very strictly. I did towards the end of a pregnancy.


I don't think the blood type--food interactions are really based on evolutionary science. The 'story' didn't ever seem quite right to me. The way the types are characterized made me think they were fleshed out that way so that people could have a mental picture to anchor the new information to, if that makes sense.


I don't currently follow it, though. Sometimes I contemplate trying it again. There were some things I disregarded. For instance, in the book I have, coconut oil was bad for all types. I started to think that maybe he put it into the 'avoid' category because it's high in saturated fat, and he felt that was unhealthy. Now we know that coconut oil has many benefits, so some blood type must like it, right?


Anyway, I knew from experience that following the diet worked, but I felt like some of the food recs were sort of filled in to make the story work better. Also, I don't know if my personal food sensitivities were cut out inadvertently, making me feel better just for that reason. One book or person won't have all the answers, of course, so it's always good to take what makes sense to you, and leave the rest.  I think it's definitely worth a try though!


I hope that helps.

organicmom3's Avatar organicmom3 05:42 PM 10-21-2011

Well, I don't believe in evolution .....not the millions of years part of it anyway....and some of that seems strange to does seem to have it's merits....and there are a lot of people out there that have made remarkable differences in their doesn't seem UNhealthy...I suppose anyone can run into deficiency issues in a pregnancy - Did you follow the original list or the specific ones for pregnancy? I'm just curious...there is a different list. 

i am trying it.  I haven't found anything in it that I think would hurt.  Though it does recommend some things that are slightly questionable to me...and being that I'm in very good health anyway, I don't feel a need to follow it 100%....but want to give it a fair shot.  It was good to hear from someone else though.  Of course everyone on the website forum (BTD) totally supports it....I wanted to try to get some other opinions .....thank you.

Cupressa's Avatar Cupressa 09:39 PM 10-23-2011

No, I did not follow a separate pregnancy list. This was about 9 years ago, and there wasn't much available aside from the book. I know that the BTD has been expanded, but I haven't kept up with it.


I would be interested in how it works for you, and whether you feel better.