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quantumleap's Avatar quantumleap 07:45 PM 10-16-2011

I posted this in vaccinations too, but I thought you guys might have some ideas. My kiddos (11 months and 2y11m) will be getting the yellow fever vaccine, and than a crazy application of pesticides while in an enclosed space (airplane) and then they will be dumped into the rainforest (central Africa) from a Canadian winter. I'm still breastfeeding both of them, and unfortunately have to be re-vaccinated too. Figures my ten years would be up now. :P

I'm trying to be proactive and come up with a few things I can do to support their little bodies through this. Nutritionally (supplements?), herbally, homeopathically, specific massage techniques/areas...?

We're normally pretty diligent with probiotics, but those won't be an option while we're travelling and in country. I'd never be able to keep them alive/cool through the 2.5 days of travel it takes to get there. I'm travelling without my partner and will be lugging two carseats, two kids, and enough stuff to get us through 3.5 months away from home. (I think I'm insane. This trip nearly did me in the last time I did it, pre-kids!)

Thanks so much. 

Mirzam's Avatar Mirzam 10:55 AM 10-17-2011

Here are Russell Blaylock's suggestions to reduce the toxic effects of vaccination. This was compiled for the H1N1 vax, but I am sure it would be applicable for any vax. His #1 suggestion is to bring a cold pack and put it on the injection site as soon as possible to block the immune reaction. He suggests to continue to use the cold pack for the rest of day. If reactions continue the next day, to take cold showers and use a cold pack. Not sure how you could give a baby and a young child a cold shower though. He goes into different supplements to take also.

tavamom's Avatar tavamom 09:58 AM 10-19-2011

Beet kvass and lots of cilantro in their diets.  I'd also do kombucha.  All remove toxins from the body and the uncooked cilantro removes heavy metals.