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SilverMoon010's Avatar SilverMoon010 05:33 AM 10-18-2011

Looking for some home remedies to relieve a phlegmy cough in my 3-year-old. (He hasn't been spitting up phlegm though).  He doesn't have a fever as of right now, or any other symptoms for that matter.  When he coughed this morning, he said it hurt. I don't know if it's hurting in his chest or his throat.  He just says it hurts in his mouth, so maybe it's just his throat.  I'd rather not drag him out to the store if I don't have to, so I'm hoping there are some home remedies of ingredients I have here at home.  I gave him some honey in OJ (saw that online somewhere in a pinch).  I haven't tried to get him to drink tea yet. I do have Black Cherry Berry tea, Green tea, and Tension Tamer here at home, which is peppermint, spicy ginger, and lemons (which may be the best one for him out of all three). 


Also, besides sugar, is there anything else I should be avoiding for him? He gets yogurt daily but I'm not sure if he should have dairy.  I've read that isn't good for congestion, adding to phlegm.