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Barcino's Avatar Barcino 08:14 PM 10-19-2011

I was brushing my 6 yr old's mouth and found a small red spot like almost the size of those pins that people use to hold clothes into place that have the little spall flat top.  Anyway it is bright red.  Freaked me out a little.  Not a canker sore of any sort.  He says it does not hurt or anything.  WHAT IS THIS?  Of course I googled and it says red spots are symptoms of oral cancer which obviously is highly unlikely!  I am thinking blood blister maybe from a bite?  He doesnt remember biting and it doesnt hurt.  Anybody has seen this in their little ones before? 

thanks so much! 

journeymom's Avatar journeymom 12:23 PM 10-20-2011

Where in his mouth is it?  How is he feeling?  If it's on the soft palate (and if he's feeling poorly) it could be strep. Otherwise I'd lean towards blood blister as well.  I would not worry about it at all, though for curiosity's sake I'd take a look in a couple of days and see if it's still there.





cameragirl's Avatar cameragirl 12:29 PM 10-20-2011
It likely is just a little blister. Maybe he did it in his sleep? I'd keep an eye on it, and have a dentist or his doctor take a quick look if it keeps up.
Barcino's Avatar Barcino 01:09 PM 10-20-2011

Yes it is in the cheek area.  I am going to keep an eye on it like you guys say and if it does not leave I will take him to the pediatric dentist next week ;)  THANKS!