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justimaginelove's Avatar justimaginelove 09:03 AM 10-26-2011

My two boys have the chickenpox.  They were exposed on 10/7.  The gestation to spots was 14 days, 10/14.  We had a friend staying with us, a man in his early 30's. He called us a few days ago and said he has the chickenpox.  My question is how could he have gotten the chickenpox from my children? 


Here is the exposure timeline in relation to being around this man.


The boys were exposed to the virus in a completely different town, 2 hours away.  We came home on 10/8.  The boys were around the man, but not close to him in any way.  He left 2 hours later.  So he was only near the boys, who had only been exposed to the virus, for 2 hours.  In all of the research I have done, chickenpox is only spread to someone when they are contagious, there is no way the boys were contagious the day after being exposed.  In addition, all the research has said that chickenpox virus is not viable on toys, counter tops, bedding, clothing, ect. 


Does anyone here know the facts on this?  How could this man have gotten chickenpox, is it just a coincidence and perhaps he got it somewhere else?

mbravebird's Avatar mbravebird 09:24 AM 10-26-2011

Everything you wrote about the contagion period is right, except for the bedding/toy/clothing part, I think. As long as there are secretions from saliva, the sores, or mucous on a piece of clothing etc, the virus can be passed from that object. That's why people give each other tshirts from infected kids to sleep with, etc, when they want their child to get chicken pox. I know of folks who have gotten it that way.


So, if that is correct, then it's possible that your children had some sort of secretion from the infected child on their clothes or skin, and that passed to the man visiting. In my opinion, it's still highly unlikely -- but I guess it's possible.


You're right, though, that your kids weren't sick yet, so they themselves didn't pass they germ. They may have been carrying the other kid's germs, though.

justimaginelove's Avatar justimaginelove 09:47 AM 10-26-2011

I guess that is possible, though it seems so unlikely since he was only near their clothing, which I changed right before we left to come home.  This site does give some good info on that kind of transfer:


I cannot believe that he may have gotten it from briefly being near them, but I guess it is a possibility.

mbravebird's Avatar mbravebird 01:10 PM 10-26-2011

I agree, it's highly unlikely -- especially since you changed their clothes!

justimaginelove's Avatar justimaginelove 01:19 PM 10-26-2011

Well he said he shook their hands, that is the only part of anything he touched on them.  He has the pox and is quite miserable.  Still seems crazy since we had a 2 hour drive home.


Thanks for your help.