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acupuncturemomma's Avatar acupuncturemomma 02:01 PM 11-11-2011

A friend's son has been exposed via an infected classmate. We can choose to be exposed, but I guess we should wait to see if the friend's son actually contracts it? When would be the ideal timing?


Also, is it a bad idea to expose my son when he has another virus? He's been sick for the last week: head and chest congestion and a very wet cough.


Lastly, what about potentially exposing other visitors? My sister, who is pregnant, will be visiting with her husband at Christmas time. Since the chicken pox incubation can be up to 21 days, that seems like it's maybe not far enough away? Although I'm pretty sure she has had chicken pox, and I can find out for sure if she and her husband have both had it.

Cavy's Avatar Cavy 09:08 AM 01-14-2012

I live in a country where CP is endemic (no regular vaccine)

If you choose to be exposed, about 2 weeks after your friend's son was exposed is probably about perfect.  Days 11-16 after his exposure, otherwise is about the peak likely infectious dates. Assuming he gets it at all.


It will be up to your sister what she chooses, I expect her health professionals well tell her to avoid exposure no matter what she thinks her immune status is.  She could choose to be tested for CP antibodies to confirm she's immune. Anyone else I would just warn & let them decide; exposure to CP prevents shingles, btw, so I would tend to think of it as a good thing.

Cavy's Avatar Cavy 09:11 AM 01-14-2012

Oh, and I woudln\t worry about another virus,assuming it's something like a cold.  The benefits of being able to choose when he gets CP would well be worth it.  More severe virus depends on your kid; 2 of mine had mild illness with CP & 2 found it hard going (miserable, high fever), you can't know what you'll get, only you know how strong a constitution your boy has.

shantimama's Avatar shantimama 05:49 PM 01-30-2012

 Exposure to CP doesn't prevent shingles, you only get shingles if you have had CP - shingles is a re-occurence of the same virus later in life. 


My dd had a mild case of chicken pox when she was one month old. She is now 13 and suffering through a very painful bout of shingles. The chicken pox didn't bother her as a newborn but shingles has been extremely painful and embarrassing for her because of how visible the outbreak is.


I would always let other people know the information and allow them to decide for themselves whether they want to be exposed or not.