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mamac27's Avatar mamac27 07:58 AM 11-15-2011

My son is five and in Kindergarten. He has been in daycare while I'm working for a few years and has been very healthy. Recently, the past 6 weeks, he has been suddenly getting fevers and the only other symptom he has are slight headaches. He is eating and drinking normally. My other concern is that he started sleepwalking while he had the fever at night, and has now since started sleepwalking when he does not have a fever. He will converse with you and it just seems that he needs to go to the bathroom and then he makes he way back to bed. I have taken many precautions for safety since he did this the first time. But I am a bit concerned about the random fevers and sleepwalking. Any thoughts or suggestions? Not sure what to say to his pediatrician, he has said the fevers are probably just him fighting off an infection. Just a bit of a worried mama I suppose!