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dakotablue's Avatar dakotablue 01:13 PM 11-22-2011

So I have two separate but almost equally annoying things go on and I have no clue why!


1st So so so weird. Its happened maybe three or four times this year. I get a sudden pain in my finger, like painful stabby but on the inside pain. Then where the pain was I get a small black and blue mark. My one thought was burst vessel, which is weird, but why would it happen again? and in different fingers, can't remember if different hands. I can't find anything that points to why this would be happening or what it could signify.


2nd I am constantly or at least quiet a few times a day nausea. I've taken tests I'm not Prego. Its not from lack of eating, or too much eating. I just am sick..alot and it doesn't coincide with nursing. I'm out of ideas.


Any help would be very appreciated.


Oh and I'm 28, asthma, gluten allergy, bfing, little over weight, mild hypoglycemia (NOT diabetes, carb reactive) PCOS, migraines (1-2x a year) otherwise very healthy. Just had 2nd baby this Feb. 

dakotablue's Avatar dakotablue 10:22 PM 11-28-2011

No one?


Now yesturday I rolled the veins on my foot (by sitting on my foot then pulling it out from under me a total normal thing to do) and it HURT like contraction pain (I felt pain) hurt.


Arg I just don't want to go to my doctor and have a zillion tests without walking in with so idea of direction.

wrenmoon's Avatar wrenmoon 09:12 PM 11-30-2011
In my personal experience the nausea could be from low stomach acid. I take betaine hcl with meals and that seems to help my low level nausea. Do you have heartburn and other signs of poor digestion like bloating or gas?? Those things can point to low stomach acid as well. I was told to have tums ready if I had stomach pain after taking hcl just in case I had an ulcer, which pain would indicate.

Dehydration will also make me nauseous. Especially if it is a few days worth. Especially when i was nursing.

As for the finger, the only thing I can think of is that there is some kind of inflammation in the joint, knocking into a nerve and causing fragile capillaries and bleeding? Could be the bleeding comes first and then internal swelling further irritated the nerve?