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Women's Health > Please help me get through this: one yr. old with croup, and pneumonia, is there any homeopathy or anything that I can give him to help him get through it?
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Okay so my just barely one year old ds has croup, and two ear infections on top of that, and he's teething. I've been treating his ear infections with garlic oil and bm. I've also been using clove oil for his teething. Here's the problem. His croup worsened and now he has pneumonia and the dr. started him on antibiotics right away. I felt so helpless because we always try to go the natural route first. He is completely unvaxed and never had any abx until now and has always been healthy prior to this.


So my question is this: Is there a way to treat pneumonia w/o the use of abx. I realize that now I'm going to have to continue this series that the dr. has started. Do you think that in this case a abx would be the proper thing to do? I'm not against abx I just think they have their place and nowadays they're over prescribed and mishandled. I guess part of me is torn because my other dc never had any and I'm kind of scared to be using it on ds


 Which is also why I'd like to be treating it with some form of homeopathy as well if there's any. Also is there anything that I can do that is gentle and effective for him, or that I can take and pass it on to him? (He's still nursing). I remember that there used to be a thread here on homeopathy but I just can't find it. We have an appointment with his ped tomorrow, and if his breathing isn't better then we'll have to be admitted to the hospital. Any advice or btdt would be so greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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I think antibiotics are a proper tool for pneumonia. You can do the "natural route" with milder things, pneumonia is not something to mess with.


I cannot say BTDT, my relevant experience comes from being hospitalized in children's pneumonia ward. Is your baby at home with you? or are you both in the hospital?

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Pneumonia + baby = antibiotics!


I would most certainly keep up with the antibiotics.  Pneumonia isn't something to mess around with!!


I think you would be better off finding a naturopath, locally, that you could begin a relationship with, rather than trying to self-prescribe homeopathics from internet advice! 


Hope your little one feels better soon!

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Thank you guys for answering. I am most definitely keeping up with the antibiotics. I'm not trying to self medicate over the internet, I'm just simply looking for advice from anyone who has  btdt with their LOs.


We just got back from the chiropractor and now we are going to the ped. He seems to be in  a good mood despite all of the traveling. I'm on the lookout for a good local naturopath. Thank you guys again.

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