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muldey's Avatar muldey 04:39 PM 01-03-2012

For the last month or so I've been feeling terrible.I usually feel kind of crappy anyway,as I have fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism that I'm still trying to get under control.But for the last month my entire left side of my body has been clumsy and kind of numb.My face was so numb I had to scratch it hard to feel it even a little,and behind my left eye hurt so bad.I had 4 big cold sores along the left bottom side of my lip.My head feels like there's so much pressure in there,and my left eye gets a little blurry at times.I'm absolutley exhausted,I can't get enough sleep.I called my dr and they couldn't get me in right away,so I went to urgent care.They said I had a sinus infection.Didn't feel any better,so a couple of days later I got into my dr's office.I saw a dr I never saw before,as mine is on vacation.She did a neuro exam and said it was normal,gave me a med for my headaches,something with tylenol and caffiene and another ingredient I can't remember.Didn't help.Went back again about a week later.Again,neuro exam was normal,but she ordered a ct scan.Waited a few days to make the appointment since my insurance had to approve it first.When I did call,the hospital said they had never heard from my dr,and when I called my insurance company they said it was never requested!! WTH?? So I changed drs.They were not taking me seriously,and acted like I was wasting their time.


The new dr is wonderful! He took a lot of time with me,sat on the side of me and asked all kinds of questions.He ordered a MRI and a MRA with and without contrast.This was on Weds.On Friday his office called to tell me it was approved and that they were faxing over the paperwork to a nearby radiology place.I called them,left a message,no return call.Monday they were closed for the holiday.So today I called.They never recived the fax,so I went to the drs office and picked it up and brought it over.She was going to get me in,but the computer said the MRA was denied,and the MRI was pending.!?! So I called my insurance company.They denied the MRA until they see the results of the MRI,but the MRI was approved,but they can't get the comfirmation number,so I can't get an appointment until they can get that.The company they have that handles that type of thing is having a problem with their phone lines and internet,so no one can get through.


I just feel terrible,and I'm so scared!! I have no idea what is wrong with me.Just writing this has exhausted me and I need to lay down now.I'm also having a hard time getting my medical records.I want to see them,so I called my old drs office to request them on Weds.She told me she'd let me know how much($.25 for the first 100 pages,$.10 after that) on Friday.She never called,they were closed yesterday,so I called when they opened this morning.I left a message and no one has called me back.I just want to cry.It hurts to do anything,and I am just so tired.I'm sick of making all these phone calls.I'm scared it's something serious. I can't even enjoy time with my kids. :(

amcal's Avatar amcal 06:48 PM 01-03-2012

I'm so sorry :(  I hope you get answers soon.  It's amazing to me how we have to be so on top of doctors and insurance.  I don't understand why they just don't do what they say they're going to do. 

muldey's Avatar muldey 11:58 AM 01-04-2012

Thanks. They did get the number for the MRI , but they can't get me in until Monday. I did get my medical records at least, so I have a lot to review. I'm waiting for my dr now, so we'll see how this goes. :(

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