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mamaduck's Avatar mamaduck 03:25 PM 05-19-2002
Ds (22 mos) has several deep splinters in his hand. We can't get them out. He is in pain! What to do????

Mommiska's Avatar Mommiska 07:34 PM 05-19-2002
Oh, dear - I hate splinters. I had one under my finger nail just the other day (dh had to get it out).

What have you tried? As horrible as this is, one of you will probably have to hold ds while the other extracts the splinter - it's amazing how you suddenly feel fine (after being in loads of pain) once the splinter is gone.

When I've gotten splinters out, I've always pushed up under the splinter - so you are pushing it out of the hand. And I always have a pair of very fine tweezers on hand so that as SOON as possible, you can pull with the tweezers (which doesn't hurt, as opposed to pushing the splinter up, which KILLS).

If you can't do it, I would imagine you'll need to take him to see a nurse and let them get the splinter out.

I'm so sorry for your little one (and for you, having to watch him suffer/cause more temporary suffering).

I'm probably not telling you anything you don't already know...will be thinking about you and ds...
Inwe Surion's Avatar Inwe Surion 08:40 PM 05-19-2002
Well, I just did this with my dd who absolutely screams about having a splinter removed. First, she took a bath to soften the area. Then before I started digging, I iced the area. I just rubbed an ice cube on her foot which she thought was really cool. I didn't leave there too long so I had to repeat the icing. Worked like a charm! Oh yeah, I have special splinter remover tweezers. Cannot remember where they came from tho.
Corriander's Avatar Corriander 02:05 AM 05-20-2002
I just removed one from my ds while he was asleep. I saw it in his finger earlier, but he wouldn't let me touch it. I just waited until he was good and asleep, got it with the tweezers and it came right out. It wasn't very deep to begin with though.

I do all kinds of things to the kids when they are asleep like clip their finger and toe nails and put on bandaids (because they just take them off when awake).
mamaduck's Avatar mamaduck 02:55 PM 05-20-2002
Ok. Can I just leave them in his skin?

We held him down several times yesterday trying to get them out. I got part of the largest one, and then it broke in half, and the part that is left is hopelessly deep. He freaked. Screaming and yelling the whole time. The places I picked at with a pin/tweezers bled. He walked around after with his little arms crossed and his hands tucked beneath his armpits, shaking and sobbing. It was awful. awful. awful. My five year old sat in the next room crying while he listened to the baby screaming. Came in and hugged him saying "I feel so bad for you! I know it hurts!"

Today, he didn't seem to notice or be bothered by the peices that are left. I can't stand to traumatize him anymore. Can I just leave them alone? Will anything bad happen?
barjem's Avatar barjem 03:47 PM 05-20-2002
This may be a little off the wall but if the splinter is has a bit of surface you could try slapping alot a Elmer School Glue on his hand and letting it dry then peel off the dry glue the splinter will attach on to the glue and may come out .
I know he is a bit young but I have done this with my older kids and it worked ..My 2 year old likes putting glue on his hand and peeling it off....Good Luck
Inwe Surion's Avatar Inwe Surion 04:37 PM 05-20-2002
Most likely it will become infected. If it came from pressure treated wood, it DEFINITELY has to come out.