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About 6 weeks I moved back to my home town and my younger brother came over often to hang out. After a few weeks of being back he called to tell me he was just diagnosed with scabies and we should all get treated. Being pregnant I wasn't interested in rubbing permitherin all over myself and toddler unless its confirmed.


My dd (just turned 2 this week) started itching her feet at night only over a week ago. The itch wakes her up to scratch. Thinking crap we have scabies I brought her to see her Pedi and he said it doesn't look like scabies at all. And that he wouldn't consider it scabies if we weren't exposed and that it looks more like eczema. But if we would like he would give us a prescription for scabies cream or we could use a steroid cream for eczema and go from there. After doing the steroid cream with little to no relief I schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. The appointment was yesterday. I gave them the history and they said it doesn't look like scabies. They did a skin test that came back clean. But they still want to treat for scabies.


Being pregnant I'm hesitant to do the prescription cream with out it being confirmed. I'm due in mid June and don't want to be going through this with a newborn. I've attached some pictures. Please tell me what you think it could be.


Here is whats happening. The itching is only at night, she wakes a few times to itch most of it is unconscious itching. Sometimes when she starts to itch I can get her to stop and relax and cuddle with me other times when she wakes she asks for cream. The soles of her feet appear to be the most itchy and some itchiness between the toes. Her soles feel somewhat puffy, callased and dry, her toes (mainly on her left foot) are like peeling/dry skin just on the top sides, not the webs. My husband and I are not itchy.


Treatments so far have been daily tea tree baths and 1% hydro cortisone cream morning and night for a week (discontinued using it Friday night). We started doing epsom salt soaks before bed 3 nights ago. And began using Aveeno Baby last night.


Should we just do the prescription cream just in case or try something else first?

Any advice and comments are welcome. Thank you!




You can kind of see the dry skin peeling on her toes under the blanket.


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Scabies is really contagious. Does anybody else have it? You are right to want to avoid treatment unless you know for sure its scabies. The treatment is pretty toxic. I really dont think its scabies, you would all have it by now, I would think. There are actual tests they can do to confirm scabies. I would get that done first.

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Could it be like an athlete's foot kinda thing?


Keep up with the tea tree oil, maybe give her probiotics and cut out sugar for a bit?

Maybe try an antifungal cream?


Why would they want you to treat it as scabies when they don't think it is?

Also if it were scabies you and DH would have it and it would spread to other parts of her body right?



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I was going to say fungal too... I don't know much about scabies but the google pics did not look like that. I have multiple kids with various forms of eczema and never seen it look that way... usually starts on the crooks of their arms,behind their knees, on the face, etc...

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We went through scabies awhile ago and that does not look like it at all. Some kind of rash, possibly fungal? Scabies is really more like tiny bug bites that get worse at night. They tend to be in the creases of skin or on the torso for kids. For us, the kids caught it and all of us broke out in SUPER itchy, tiny red spots within a couple days of each other, 4 weeks after exposure. The permetherin is a pretty serious medication, pregnant or not, and we all have sensitive skin and reacted to the cream itself. I would be VERY sure you have it before coating the family in pesticides, especially if you are sensitive at all to things on your skin in general.

They're actually not super contagious, casual contact doesn't usually pass it on. It's skin to skin contact that passes them on, so that's why it goes around families. When your brother hung out with you, was the weather cool? If they were in long pants/sleeves, that reduces the risk. Were he and your daughter in a lot of contact in short sleeves/pants? Like tickling, wrestling, etc. That's higher risk. Check out the CDC website about it, there is a lot of good information that can help you get a better idea of whether it's scabies or not. One thing I've heard repeatedly is that the skin tests OFTEN come back with false negatives. My doctor even said "half the time, the skin test comes back clean but the person does have scabies." So I wouldn't base the decision on the test. Many doctors don't even bother with the test since the results are so unreliable. That may be why the specialist would recommend the treatment anyway. It's a difficult thing to diagnose, so they may be trying to play it safe--if they consider pesticides safe!

Hopefully all this helps you come to a decision. Personally I would be asking the doctor for more options I think, and trying those before the permetherin. If it the other options don't work and the itchy spots spread and you/Dh get them, then I'd start considering the scabies treatment. Good luck!
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Thank you for your responses!


Spring Lily, Yes it was cold season here and my brother was wearing long sleeves/pants. My dd didn't really care for him always refused to hug him bye. (maybe she knew?)

I guess my brother got it pretty bad. When he first went to the doctor it was misdiagnosed as herpes. A week later when his herpee prescription wasn't working he went back and saw a different doctor that was like that's not herpes. He didn't tell us he had any itching issues until he was told he had scabies, that was March 26th.


I couldn't bring myself to do the permrthrin because I'm not convinced its scabies either. Nobody is itchy except dd and shes had itchy feet for about 2 weeks now and its not spreading. So I brought her to another doctor and I didn't mention my brother this time. She didn't think it looked like eczema and more like a contact dermatitis, an allergic reaction to something. We think its the new carpet in our apartment. We are almost positive it is. Since then we've had dd wear socks with sandals or socks with water shoes and it appears to be getting better, slowly. I guess with contact dermatitis you're supposed to let the affect area breath in this case we really can't while in the house. But she is not itching as much or as hard as she was. She is sleeping a little better. Her soles are still a bit inflamed. I've been putting benadryal on her as needed.

Any suggestions on how to relieve the inflammation? 


I don't know what to do about the carpet yet either.

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