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Mom31's Avatar Mom31 11:36 AM 05-15-2012

My 8 yo has chicken pox- woke up with first spots this morning and took him to dr and they gave me the anti viral medicine... do I give it to him?  I worry my main point is wanting him to have it when he is young and build up immunity- will giving him the medicine prevent that?

MountainMamaGC's Avatar MountainMamaGC 08:25 PM 05-16-2012

I wouldnt do the antiviral. I would just support the immune system and let the child rest. The hard part is over now that the spots have appeared. They ususally dont prescribe antivirals unless there is a risk for complications, like if your child was in a weakened state or had some chronic illness. 


So yeah, lots of rest, fluids, maybe some vitamin C and D. Calomine lotion for the sores, and baking soda in the bath water for the itching. 

Mom31's Avatar Mom31 09:19 PM 05-16-2012

So far he only has a few spots- we are back to dr tomorrow to see if they still think it is chicken pox- I am asking for a second opinion from a different dr there.  He has not seemed sick at all but they do itch.

lauren's Avatar lauren 08:39 PM 05-18-2012

Our doc told us that for a healthy child it is not necessary to use the acyclovir. I am finishing up the week with 3 children all with chicken pox at the same time. It has been a loooooooooooong week. One of them just had 3 spots but didn't feel ill for several days. Then on the 4th morning she had 100! My guess is that your little guy is going to evolve and it is going to get clearer to you soon.

Mom31's Avatar Mom31 10:55 PM 05-18-2012

He so far has been cleared as not having chicken pox.... he went back to school and seems fine... we will wait and see ifnothing else it reminds me I need to be looking for exposure this summer.

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