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Hi there, I've been researching like crazy trying to figure out what is going on with my son. I decided I need to write to see if any of you all have had a similar experience with your child and so I can figure out what is going on. Let me take you back a couple years. My son has had pain while urinating in the past, I would say 2 times within the last 2 years and I did all the holistic approaches to dealing with a uti, ie. lots of water and cranberry juice, baking soda baths and the pain vanished after a couple days. I figured it was the same thing this time so I did the same stuff. It all started about a week and a half ago. He was having painful urination and in return I started all the holistic approaches. The pain seemed to subside the next day and for the rest of that week. Then 2-3 days ago it started again and I started doing the same thing. I was getting super concerned so yesterday I took him to the doctor and he says there he doesn't have a uti and that everything seems normal. I told him that I was thinking it was just natural separation and he seemed to somewhat agree with me and told me to keep up with the cran juice and baths... He just keep repeating everything I said, he had no new advice and frankly I feel like it was a waste of our time and money going to the doctor--he had no clue. Okay now today, my ds has started to urinate every 5-10 mins and is yelling in pain each time. I am so worried and broken hearted every-time he goes and I have no idea what to do. Something I  am across is bladder spasms? If it is, what should I be doing to help him? I feel so helpless.


Symptoms as of 3 hrs ago:

-- Very painful urination

-- Urinates every 5-10 mins (only a little bit comes out every time) He will leak for 2-3 mins after each time urinating (drops just keep coming out)

-- Ballooning and red penis with white tip when urinating 


Other than going to the bathroom he is cheerful and happy... I have no clue what to do next. If any of you have any advice, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it. 

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Take him to the doctor and submit a urine sample. They will tell you if there is a bladder infection or not. You dont want to mess around with that because it could spread to the kidneys and then its more serious.

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