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My 5.5 month old has an unconfirmed case of whooping cough / pertussis.  Last Friday she had a fever (102.8) which continued for 3 days. I took her into the doctor immediately.  By Monday, she had a noticeable cough.  I took her in again and was told it was likely a virus that targeted the trachea.  Each day the cough got worse.  By Wed. she was coughing every 5 minutes.  The doctor told me we could give her a steroid, which I did, but it had no effect.  I had been thinking it might be WC but hoping not.  By Thursday I was losing hope and took her in again so she could be tested. 


I was hoping it was not because her coughing was noticeable and frequent soon on, which seemed unlike typical WC.  I also thought it if was,  maybe she would not have the bad spells because frequent coughing could keep it at bay. Today I thought she was getting better.  There is much more time between her coughing, which seems like an improvement . . .but now the coughing is worse and is more in line with what WC would be.  She does not have the whoop (yet) but the coughing is more "violent."


All of my other children are vaccinated.  I did not vax her because she has had some issues that took some time to figure out, like becoming hoarse (reflux med has taken care of it) and in the hospital for a few days because she seemed to have febrile seizures.  I wanted to wait until she was healthy and do it slowly.


We will find out the results tomorrow-- maybe.  I noticed that the nurse seemed to take a sample from the front of the nose, and later read it should be done in the back and results are not all reliable anyway.  I need to be proactive about this and feel like I can help her through this.  It seems the medical community shrugs its shoulders and points the finger of blame at not getting the vax, though I have read that the vax is no guarantee, and because of her issues she would have had one shot at most so far anyway.


I read this: Vitamin C Treatment and am planning on using sodium ascorbate, but of course, I have some concerns:

 My DD is about 12 lbs 11 oz.  According to my calc she would get 2 g daily. Is Vitamin C truly safe in these doses?  Can someone give me sources to confirm?


Any advice, thoughts, etc. very welcome.  My anxiety is very high.  I have 4 other children and had hoped to have a fun summer with them.  Now it seems that the baby will only be better when they are back at school.  And, of course, I am extremely worried about complications.


Thank you very much for reading.

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i don't know anything about this but wanted to say i am sorry and i hope it does not get worse! i feel what you mean when you say your anxiety is high <hugs>.

drowning in hormones with 4 daughters and an understanding, loving hubby. also some dogs. my life is crazy and we are always learning.

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Is she breastfed?  That will help her.  I would also give fermented cod liver oil, take her out in the sun (for vitamin D, and fresh air), and see if you can get some probiotcs in to her like home made kefir or something.  I'm not sure if you can do goldenseal with a baby that age but I would look in to it.  A goldenseal extract would be great for WC.  Make sure your diet is good if you are BFing, and if you are BFing maybe you could take the goldenseal and she would get it thru your breastmilk?  Since she is unvaccinated she has the best chance of fighting it off, had she been vaccinated her immune system would have been weakened, so good going mama!!   And considering the pertussis vaccine is no longer effective anyway (if it ever was), that vaccine is pointless and you might at well not even consider it.

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If you are bf, it couldn't hurt for you to take extra vitamin c and zinc (I like those fizzy packets from trace minerals, or Emergen-C)

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I do BF and am taking SA (doctor told me not to give it to her). This is the absolute worst thing I have ever been through. I regret my decision to wait to vax every minute of every day. I would NEVER recommend anyone wait. Ever. My daughter is paying for me giving into fears. Pertussis is horrible. It basically tries to kill you.

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SA is both safe and VERY effective!!!  You could also give her liposheric vitamin C which is nano technology and comes in little gel packs, You just put a little in her mouth and it bypasses the digestive system. I would use  a combo of both.  When my youngest was 5 months he had bronchiolitis and since he was not vaccinated they did the pertussis swab on him, which came back negative anyway.  He was given a treatment with the nebulizer and I started with the SA and Lipospheric C. within a day he was doing so much better and continued to improve and didn't need steroids or any other meds :)


THere is research and articles of SA and the science is all there. You should probably do some research, it is truly amazing.

You can google  Dr. Klenner MD who pioneered much of the work with vitamin C and even successfully treated patients with polio and it is all documented.

THomas Levy is today's leading researcher & advocate for Vitamin C and he makes the liposheric C. You can listen to him on youtube :)


Most dr's don't know much if any about SA and are  not going to recommend you megadose something they don't know about with a lo.


The vitamin C foundation is also a good one to look up and learn about the science and safety of C.

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