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CookAMH's Avatar CookAMH 07:50 PM 06-03-2012

I'm looking for some guidance while I'm still in my "wait and see and do my own research stage" in assessing my son.  It seems like he's been sick all spring, and this is a kid who never got a lick of illness until age 2.  What's been going on lately is a cough that started with a short-lived fever about two and a half weeks ago. The cough is mainly at night when he lays down, and after he's been active. I have noticed no shortness of breath or wheezing, it just keeps him up sometimes at night.  The fever was the shortest he's had, maybe 4 hours, and then today, the fever is back.


The cough seems dry, like he has a tickle at the back of his throat. It's not mucousy or "productive" and he doesn't complain of a sore throat.  He's had a runny nose as well and it didn't appear yellow.


I never take my kinds in to the doc as we can treat everything at home, but reading some other posts on whooping cough made me start to wonder if he could have it.  I'm thinking about getting him in tomorrow. We haven't vaccinated him so I realized he could get it... I want to take the right precautions if he does have it (and not say a WORD to my fearful MIL LOL!!).  My 1yo would be at risk for it too in addition to all the kids he's been around in the last two weeks (including a couple newborns).


Anyway, someone said you may not get the whoopy sounding cough but have WC...any others with that experience? I started to wonder if it was asthma but the fever returning today has me wondering.  I know it could also be walking pneumonia, and he doesn't have any signs of bacterial pneumonia.




ETA: after reading Dr Sears description of pertussis, it doesn't sound like it...he doesn't get fits of coughing by any means, it's more infrequent than that (but regular/daily). I'm lost!!

1love4ever's Avatar 1love4ever 10:57 PM 06-03-2012

It really doesnt sound like WC!  And, the pertussis vaccine is no longer effective (if it ever was), so dont even think about the vaccine, it would do no good either way.

I remember as a teenager, getting sick one time with a cold, and having just a tiny cough that was caused by a tickle feeling in the back of my throat for a month and a half afterwards.  I would cough a small, dry cough every few minutes, and it would be a little worse at night but not much.  After having this cough about 3 weeks my mom took me to the Dr and they could find nothing wrong with me, so they convinced her I must have allergies (even though I had no other signs of allergies then or in my life and neither did the rest of my family) and had me on allergy medication!!  I still had the cough, it didnt help at all, so I decided to quit taking it (thank goodness), and after another week or 2 the cought went away.  Very very strange.   I didnt have a good diet at the time, and I believe that a good diet and sun exposure are essential to staying well, so that I'm sure was part of my problem.

If you think he has some sort of infection you could start on goldenseal.  I would give him fermented foods as well, for their probiotics.  Does he eat a good diet of fruits and veggies, whole foods, very little sugar, grains, etc?

CookAMH's Avatar CookAMH 11:18 PM 06-03-2012

Thanks...yeah don't worry about vaxing...not gonna happen while I'm alive! LOL.


We eat a lot of traditional foods but I've been allowing him more sugar lately which probably hasn't been helping his immune system. I'm happy though that he just started being able to swallow pills, so now I can give him more things to support his immune system (bio-kult, C, colostrum) without having to open them up. I'm also giving him echinacea, D drops plus CLO and various homeopathic remedies (ferrum phos. worked quickly on the fever today).  I do not have goldenseal  I had started giving him rhus tox yesterday as a possible remedy to help the cough.


That's good to know about your experience. Of anything, after reading a bit, I'm leaning toward bronchitis or just a long lasting cold, and wondering if he just gets fevers when sick even if you typically don't get a fever with a cold.  Still open to suggestions!

1love4ever's Avatar 1love4ever 10:44 PM 06-04-2012

The fermented cod liver oil has way more vitamin D in it than regular CLO (along with many other benefits) so you could give the FCLO instead of the CLO and D drops combo?

I have noticed that when I start allowing others (her dad and grandpa) to give DD more sweets than she is used to, which is pretty much 0, she inevitably gets sick!  RRGH!  I hate it when people come in and just grab whatever sweets they see and stuff them in DDs face as a "loving gesture", to "make her happy", etc.  So it seems that I either have NO sweets in the house what so ever, or have to deal with others unloading my cupboards and fridge and feeding them to DD (and it always seems to be right before lunch or dinner!) when I go to change the babys diaper.  So frustrating.  Haha, anyway sorry for the vent!  It just happened a few hours ago so it is very fresh in my mind irked.gif

Mizelenius's Avatar Mizelenius 03:09 PM 06-06-2012
Since this is his 2nd fever I would take him to the doctor.

Some people do not have severe coughing fits and it is still WC. You should have him tested to make sure; that way you will know if he is contagious.
CookAMH's Avatar CookAMH 04:37 PM 06-17-2012
Thanks. I think I will this week, out of concern for others if it is WC. Still going on, seemed to die down for a few days but worse this weekend.
CookAMH's Avatar CookAMH 09:30 PM 06-18-2012

Well, thankfully, his cough is resolving significantly in the last 36 hours since I have given him regular doses of Bioron's Chestal Cough Syrup. Awesome stuff! It did what was needed - loosen mucous to initiate a productive cough to move the congestion out and on it's way. I'm holding off on the doc at this point since he's more himself and I can tell a difference.


1love4ever's Avatar 1love4ever 10:17 PM 06-19-2012

Awesome!!  Thanks for the update and the link to that syrup, I didnt even know it existed :)  Thats great you didnt have to go to the Dr!   It always seems like when I am finally ready to take my kids in to the Dr for whatever illness, it resolves.  About a month ago DS had a fever without any other symptoms.  I took him to the NP at public health after 3 days of it, she couldnt find anything wrong with him, so made me an appt for the next morning with the ped, and the next morning his fever was gone and he was fine!  So I cancelled my appt and he's been fine ever since lol

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