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Amanda777's Avatar Amanda777 07:31 PM 06-12-2012

So my five year old has been having an itchy butt for a while now. She only complains at night. I see that alot of you have mentioned worms but I have not seen them at night while she was itching or in her poop. Neither has my mom. It was just really red from her scratching. I know she has problems going to the bathroom and it can get itchy around that area if you can't go. Not sure if this is her problem or not? I changed her bath soap tonight from kids to sooting therapy bath wash. HELP!

adinal's Avatar adinal 08:51 PM 06-12-2012

I would very much check for pinworms.  THey only come out at night.  The least invasive way to check is to look at her bottom with a flashlight about two hours after bedtime.  You will see them.  They are small, threadlike and white.  A lot of time you won't see them in the stool.  The other way to test is tape on the anus right after waking up, which will reveal eggs and worm parts - this one is usually done at the doctor.  


Pinworms can spread to other family members because the eggs hang out under kiddo's fingernails and then get passed to another person.


Chances are if she has them, your whole family will have to be treated.


Good luck!!

sbgrace's Avatar sbgrace 03:15 PM 06-13-2012
It could be pinworms. You have good advice upthread on how to check for that. We had them here in my son and we did treat all of us "just in case" with the full protocol (which means treat and then again I think it was 2 weeks later, washing everything, etc.)

However you mentioned bowel issues. Is it constipation? Because that can cause tiny cuts (fissures) and as those heal they can itch a lot. The itching itself could cause little tears or scratches that heal and itch more too.

I'd rule out pinworms...maybe consider a parasitology test (I like metametrix comprehensive stool) give she's got bowel issues anyway. If it's constipation can they do more for that?

Cut her nails frequently and have her wash hands when she wakes up. That will keep down spreading pinworms and the like via stool in your home.
Amanda777's Avatar Amanda777 08:21 PM 06-13-2012

I checked her but at night and saw nothing but she wasn't asleep. I am going to look tonight. She rarely goes to the bathroom and always has trouble going. It could be cuts because she itches it alot. I am going to make her a doctors app. and get it figured out. I know I have talked to alot of moms that have had these problems with their kids..maybe just a common thing in young children?

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