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BabySmurf's Avatar BabySmurf 10:22 AM 06-29-2012

anything i can use topically?


poor ds has been constipated for some time now, and even though i know it bothers him to poo, it hadn't seemed like he was actually holding it in.  until now.  he made the scared "i have to poo" look, climbed into my lap, and i could feel him muscles contracting, but nothing came out.  so he either has a blockage, or he's holding it in.  i feel terrible! he's at the point where he doesn't want to eat any more, and i know his butt is sore from ucky poos, so i am hesitant to try a suppository (my dh is working crazy hours, and i'm not sure that i could get it in there on my own anyway).  so is there any thing i can try topically that could help him go?


so far, i have put coconut oil on my nipples so that he gets (a miniscule) amount of that when he nurses.  he had a salt bath this morning (maybe he could have soaked longer?).  he won't take any food or juice that i offer...he will take a few sips of water here and there, but not if i try to add probiotics or anything else to it.  he is starting to get suspicious of everything!


i'm pretty sure that he has a yeast problem, so we have been avoiding sugars, including fruit.  i have some prunes in the cabinet...should this be an exception to give them to him?


ugh! this stinks.  i have no idea what to do :(

BabySmurf's Avatar BabySmurf 01:51 PM 06-29-2012

well, he did finally poo.  i think it was the coconut oil.  i would still be interested in tips though, as this does seem to be a chronic problem.....

lia_joy's Avatar lia_joy 01:25 PM 07-06-2012

I didn't see how old he is, but one of my boys had lots of issues with constipation & encopresis (backing up so much it leaks) when he was between 3&4,  It was quite an ordeal & we tried many medicines & natural remedies. The one we finally found to work consistently is vitamin C!  i tried it out of desparation because i remembered getting loose stool after taking too much before... Well, my son liked it because he liked the flavor and had control over when/how much to take. we had to stay really aware of his diet, making sure he had enough fluids and also we talked a lot about body awareness, which also taught me a lot -- I realized that I have trouble going if I'm out doing things during the time of day i'd normally poop... Not because I conscously hold it, but my body just doesnt feel the urge if I'm busy & don't think about it... so I think that being too busy is a factor for a lot of kids, too. 

BabySmurf's Avatar BabySmurf 07:58 PM 07-10-2012

interesting about the vitamin stinks having things so out of balance.  I do feel like I accidentally interrupt sometimes, and once I realize what is going on, I've already disrupted things.  :(  I have always had bowel issues as well, and I'm finding that it's a link to overall gut and general health...yeasty issues.  I just hate that he gets so backed up, and would really love a go-to to help him out.  He will generally eventually go, i'm just having trouble getting the right foods into him.  He is 20 months old, and hasn't been as interested in solids as I assumed he would be at this age...another symptom of the gut dysbiosis.  I try to talk about pooping as much as possible, and I have been able to get some "poop foods" into his diet, but he is still overall sluggish. 


i'm on the GAPS/Traditional food track, so hopefully he can get some healing done and some poop out!

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