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My dh has had awful, terrible gas for years and years. It is sometimes uncomfortable for him but I think he has gotten used to it and it's just "normal" to him now. He also has pretty frequent bowel movements- usually 2-4 a day. I don't know if that is typical or not, but I have one a day and I thought that was more normal. His gas is constant and so foul-smelling that it's becoming a real issue between us. I have an unusually powerful sense of smell and a strong gag reflex- his gas literally turns my stomach. greensad.gif He's tried digestive enzymes, charcoal- they don't do much to help. It doesn't seem to matter WHAT he eats although some things do affect him less. When he eats less he has less gas but he doesn't overeat.

This has been going on for years and as I said, unfortunately it's really become a "thing" between us. I just can't stand the smell- it wakes me up at night and I can't get back to sleep because it lingers so long in our room. My reaction to it has given him a complex and he feels bad about it. I try to be sensitive but after all these years I just wish I could be in my own home without a constant barrage of this terrible smell. I understand he can't help it. I want to help him! We need to fix this problem. 


DH went to a doctor years ago and said "my gf thinks my gas is abnormal" and of course the doc said something like "bah, women. it's totally normal" and didn't address the issue. It's embarrassing for DH and he is tired of me trying different enzymes and things out on him. But I'd like him to see a doctor or something again and really find out what is up.


Does anyone have any suggestions? What could the cause of this be? I can't accept that this is just normal. Is there a prescription med that would help? Some other kind of natural treatment? Could it be something dietary? DH eats everything- we have been thinking of trying him on a gluten free casein free since my DS is on this as a trial right now for other issues. 


Anyway... please- if someone has any ideas about this- help us! nut.gif

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This is fairly unorthodox advice, but I really believe in it because it seems to have totally fixed my very messed up digestion.  I don't think I was as bad off as it sounds like your dh may be.  For one thing, I don't think I was very smelly.  orngtongue.gif  But who knows, maybe my dh was just tremendously patient, and in fact he is not as sensitive to smell as most people.  Anyhow....  I did have a lot of gas, like I was bloated and farting all the time.  lol  Just not so smelly, and I didn't have bm's all the time.  But when I did, bleh...  not right.  What fixed it was eating absolutely nothing but meat.  I did it for almost six months  --  lived on bacon and cheeseburgers (no bun, of course, but I did have two slices of cheddar cheese every day, in addition to my meat).  I did for weight loss and other health benefits, but my digestion was so much better it was amazing!  And now, it's been almost a year since I ate that way and my digestion is still much better than before my diet, like something was reset.  I don't know how long someone would need to eat that way to benefit.  My digestion was better almost immediately, like within a few days, but I think I needed some time to heal from whatever had gone wrong with it.  I was so shocked since the mainstream press would have you believe that more fiber is always the answer, but it turns out that for some of us no fiber at all can be brilliant.  

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Has he been that way all his life?

I think there could be many causes--bacteria (my son had that), parasitic (that too later), food allergy or intolerance, celiac, etc.

What I would see if he will do is take a Metametrix Comprehensive Stool test. Metametrix may be able to give you the name of doctors in your area who use their labs. A doctor in our local hospital recommended it when I brought my son for chronic frequent stools. They found what it was and told us exactly how to kill it and he was finally normal. Our insurance did reimburse us but we had to pay up front. I believe you can get the lab direct (no doctor needed) from this site too

If your husband does this he needs to collect sample stool from the beginning, middle and especially end of the stool he's sending in. Certain parasites tend to be in certain spaces (some at the very end).

This test will find bacteria (which would be what I might suspect in that description), parasites, dairy/wheat issues, digestion issues, and more. If there is something GI responsible for this that test will find it. I'd also strongly consider having a celiac test run. Does he have allergies? Sometimes food allergies can cause GI problems..even severe ones. I'm guessing somethings living in there or celiac though. I hope you guys find answers.

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So, so many things could be behind this. There's no one size fits all answer to GI problems. I agree with sbgrace, the tests are a great idea, especially celiac.

But these things can be so elusive, and your chances of pinning down one specific cause can be small. Doctors usually say ibs or something generic like that. The intestines are the source of our immune resistance and they are super complex and it's often difficult to get to the root of things.

The gluten and casein diets you mentioned are a great starting point. We often develop food intolerances due to some unknown cause and removing different foods can help pin that down.

In my case, I live in Africa since 2008 and developed digestion issues that sent me to doctors of tropical medicine etc etc. But i tested clean for any tropical diseases. In the end we realized that the very very harsh antibiotic regimes I was on when I was new here and got some nasty parasites had simp,y wiped out all the good germs in my stomach along with the bad ones. Like I say --it could be anything!!! I'm still healing but removing gluten and dairy have been hugely helpful. Google the GAPS diet-- it's super hardcore and not much fun, but I did the one- month starter and it helped a lot--it gives your stomach a chance to heal. If he has a history of harsh mess, I would look for a doctor who takes that into consideration when diagnosing. There are a lot of studies linking antibiotics and other meds to digestion problems because they kill the good stuff too....and if he has no good bacteria left, he can't break down his food properly, leading to gas.

Even with all those tests, there is no guarantee you will pinpoint the cause of a GI problem that so long-standing ( though hopefully you will ). Regardless, with a good diet you can support your body in getting rid of it on its own. He might fix his stinky butt problem and find lots of other health benefits too! Big win-win for all, and especially for your sensitive nose. smile.gif
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about 60 days ago i cut out dairy and gluten and have been eating only plants and animals, no grains or legumes really either. i have always been gassy, mostly burping - and have tried out enzymes, i always take probiotics, and this has been going on for a loooong time. just now for the first time in my life i am not gassy anymore. two days ago i accidently ate some feta cheese that was mixed into a meal and i didn't know it until afterwards, didn't think it was such a big deal as i've eaten dairy my whole life - but OMG TMI for the last day and a half my gas has been unbearably smelly. i have pooped about 5 times in the last two days and am just hoping to get this out of my system fast. it was like my body was caught totally off guard by the dairy. i think i know now what my body doesn't really like - maybe you could try what the other posters are saying and he could cut out dairy and gluten and maybe legumes too? i also feel a ton better, have more energy and less skin issues. 

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