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oikophile's Avatar oikophile 08:48 AM 07-17-2012

Hi everyone, I'm hoping to hear about experiences with laser therapy for toenail fungus. I am currently 23 weeks into my first pregnancy and also dealing with a case of toenail fungus. The other day the toenail came clean off. I have tried natural remedies (vinegar/TTO) and some OTC antifungals approved by my midwives. Nothing has worked. I saw I podiatrist yesterday and he recommended a relatively new procedure using a laser to kill the fungus. According to him, it's safe and has no side effects, unlike the Lamisil tablet, which I definitely can't take while pregnant or breastfeeding (and would probably have some reservations about taking if I weren't pregnant).


Sounds great, although the price tag is a little off-putting. Has anyone had this procedure? Was it effective? Are there any concerns with laser treatment, in pregnancy or otherwise?



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cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 02:52 PM 07-31-2012

I haven't. But I'm bumping your post up for attention. 


Anyone? smile.gif

LNTadmin's Avatar LNTadmin 03:10 PM 02-27-2013

The laser treatment has an 80% success rate which is higher than OTC options, topical solutions, oral meds and home remedies. Laser Treatment has been clinically proven the most effective, safe method. A special laser machine called the Pinpointe Laser can be used to eliminate toenail fungus with just one treatment and no recovery period nor side effect, even pregnant women can be treated. As your nail grows, the nail will be clear and not infected by fungus until healthy nail is fully grown and clear again. Also most of these places offer free consults too.


-Ruta from laser nail therapy

jmarroq's Avatar jmarroq 03:19 PM 02-27-2013

Not sure about that procedure, but if you can hold off until after baby comes, another option might be to have it completely removed, surgically. I did that when my son was an infant. Quite painful, and a bit of work with all the soaking, and after care, etc. but I really didn't want to take those pills since they are so bad for you. I had a minor complication...when it grew back, it became in-grown (I think because the nail bad was shaped weird after having had a weird toenail for so long). The doctor treated the ingrown once and never got another one again, and fungus didn't return. It's been 10 years. 

LNTadmin's Avatar LNTadmin 09:57 AM 03-05-2013


I understand you had some concerns about getting the laser treatment for your toes to remove the fungus.  I can recommend you to also look into the other laser which is the PinPointe which get the job done in one treatment at 80% cure rate.  There are no known side effects to this procedure and pregnant can get the treatment done because there is no radiation coming from the laser it is only a source of concentrated heat. 


-Laser Nail Therapy

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