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lmk1's Avatar lmk1 02:48 AM 07-19-2012

My kids and I all went through a cold just now.  I thought I was over it, but today woke up with some tenderness on my face and increased green mucous.   I've been blowing my nose all day.  The tenderness has turned into pain on my whole right side.  I think it must be sinusitis.  I've never had it before, that I can remember.  How to treat it?  I started the NeilMed Sinus rinse, sat in the shower for 30 minutes letting hot water fall on my face and done compresses....ugh, it hurts.  I'm still nursing my toddler, and we don't have any tylenol except children's in the house...but what do I need to do/know...reading about it online freaked me out with all the stuff about surgeries and fungal sinusitis, etc.  How do I know if it's bacterial or viral?  Do I need to be seen by a Dr?  Would a bacterial infection need antibiotics?

My 4 yo's cold turned into bacterial I'm wondering if it's more likely that I have bacterial rather than viral sinusitis?

Cyllya's Avatar Cyllya 03:52 AM 07-19-2012

I think the stuff you're doing (including inhaling steam) is a good first step. Personally, I'd only go to a doctor if sinus infection symptoms last longer than 10 days. If you do go to the doctor, you might ask if they can do a culture or something to determine whether it's viral or bacterial; otherwise they'll probably say, "Well, it's probably viral, but take this antibiotic just in case."


I'm not sure, but I think an expectorant might speed things up, since those are supposed to get mucus out of you. Look for guaifenesin if you want a drug (the front of the package will say something like "anti-mucosal"), honey or onions if you want it from a food.

rajinderbhalla's Avatar rajinderbhalla 07:37 PM 07-19-2012

The only cure for all types of sinus infections or otherwise is giving up all fluids for 24 to 48 hours. That will not suppress sinus. It will cure sinus and next season u will be free of sinus. The only reason for sinus is stagnation of water in ur body. There is swelling of sinus areas. To clear the swelling and inflamation give up water and all other fluids. That will reduce the swelling and help clear all the mucus or whatever infections u have without any discomfort.


I learnt this hard way. I had sinus from the age of 10 to 47. Now completely sinus free.


Restricting the fluid intake is also desired overall. All the hype about drinking more water or 6 to 8 glasses of water is the reason for all ailments. Since the day I started restricting (rather observing my water intake) I did not get ill even for 24 hours.


So far I have cured 100s of conditions simply by observing the water intake. People are too happy whoever has used it.


Initial reaction of most of the people had been as if I am out of a mental hospital. But after few days they come looking for me and thanking me.

lmk1's Avatar lmk1 09:37 PM 07-22-2012

Thank you raj, but I find it hard to believe that not drinking water cures the sinus infections.  Seems like it would more likely dehydrate you.  Also, I'm one of those people that don't drink enough water...I drink very little as I'm very busy, and I guess I get enough liquid from fruit.  However,  I am also nursing a toddler, and I probably need more hydration not less.  

Seems like this sinus thing was getting better, but I got such a horrible headache tonight, that I finally took 2 tylenol for the first time in over 5 years...will call the Dr. and see about whether antibiotics are necessary.  

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