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purplerose's Avatar purplerose 07:35 PM 07-21-2012

i am having a hard time finding probiotics for my 9 month old. i found a bottle at walgreen's but it was over $30! where do you buy them? can you use the ones for kids but just use half the daily dose? she is on abx so i need to do this asap. she is breastfed and not eating much food as usual and doesn't take a bottle so i am limited on how to give it to her.

Nicole730's Avatar Nicole730 08:33 PM 07-21-2012

You can give her the listed dose on the bottle (according to our pediatrician).  I buy them from our local food co-op.  Make sure you get refrigerated ones.  Ours are $20 a bottle. I have given it alone, sucked off of my finger, mixed with breastmilk, mixed with water or juice, mixed in applesauce or yogurt.  Hopefully you will find a method that works for you.

elus0814's Avatar elus0814 08:36 PM 07-21-2012

It might not be too helpful but $30 doesn't sound outrageous. At $50+ I might wonder why it was so expensive but $30 wouldn't bother me if it was needed short term and not as a long term thing. We've never actually used them but I've heard good things about biogaia probiotic drops for infants. Walgreens online sells them for $21.99, maybe the store will honor the online price? If that's still too much maybe call around to natural health practitioners to ask if they have any samples or could lower the price any. Our military ped office even had probiotic samples.

CoBabyMaker's Avatar CoBabyMaker 12:27 AM 07-22-2012

I can't say enough good things about Bio Gaia infant drops.  I know it feels like a lot but it was worth every penny for us.

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