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sesa70's Avatar sesa70 10:52 AM 07-23-2012

My husband has had reflux and other unexplained (one dr said irritable bowl) issues GI issues, and has for years. He is young (32) and a healthy weight. He has to be careful with what he eats and how much, stays away from most starches and often still feels very full and bloated. He often feels nauseated and has a hard time staying asleep at night.


He has finally agreed to try some supplements and probiotics, but I wanted to start looking into which ones are the best and would give the best results. Does anyone have any suggestions?

grisandole's Avatar grisandole 11:51 PM 07-23-2012

When I was having health problems, the Garden of Eden probiotics worked amazingly well for me. They are pricey, so once I got better I tried other brands and I really like the Jarrow brand, the ones without FOS and they have multiple strains including l. bevre (or something like that, lol). So for me, it's been Jarrow for years, and the cheapest place I've found to buy them is www.vitacost.com HTH

sbgrace's Avatar sbgrace 10:01 PM 07-25-2012
Would he be open to any testing? Parasites (my son had b. hominus and d. fragilis and many adults with those bugs have since contacted me) can cause those symptoms and if that's the cause probiotics could make it worse.

Metametrix stool test (insurance covered ours but at a non-network rate) would identify what, if anything, is causing the symptoms. It's a really, really great test. Metametrix may be able to suggest a doctor in your area who uses their laboratory or I know you can do them otherwise if you want that information (but then if you need a prescription treatment you'd need a doctor anyway for some stuff).

Beyond that great probiotics with scientific studies showing their effectiveness including ability to survive digestion to get the colon are Florastor and Culturelle. Klaire labs probiotics are good as well.

Some people do well on SCD diet. I do think many of those people would benefit from testing to know what's living in there causing the issues and if it can be killed.
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