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Draquin's Avatar Draquin 08:12 AM 07-27-2012

I'm 22 and female... I have days where my discharge becomes alot and a nuisence. I'd like to know wether you really can hear a baby's heartbeat through a stetoscope?? I have horrid stretch marks and would like to know wether or not clicks stretchmark or sellolite helps your body?? Boi oil didn't help me... also johnsons baby oil didn't help.... :( I'm 90 kilos heavy... I gained 20 kilos in a year.... I'd love to have kids one day, but I don't want to be obese and be told that I can't have kids beaucse of obesity or overweight... T_T  So I'm thinking of buying boi oil again and sellolite creme.... Please tell me interesting stories on how you became pregnant??

JamieCatheryn's Avatar JamieCatheryn 09:32 AM 07-27-2012

Healthy discharge is common around ovulation, it's called cervical fluid and helps sperm live to reach the egg once it's released.

You might faintly hear a baby through a stethoscope in late pregnancy, but it's easier with something similar called a fetascope.

My stretch marks faded to thin silver lines over time on their own, I don't know much about creams for them. Cocoa butter is supposed to help some?

Heavy women can have babies, there are a few more risks and challenges and much more prejudice against them even from many doctors but of course it can happen.

Baby weight can often be easy to lose over the first year if you're young and breastfeeding. Mine came off without effort, just some time. My mother weighed less right after my baby brother was born than when she got pregnant (only gained like 12 lbs and lost that in the birth)

I got pregnant with our first about 8 months after getting married, was 18 almost 19, I'd gone off hormonal birth control and we were hoping but not trying for a baby. Our second was 3 years later, I knew I was ovulating that day and I was set to finish my bachelor's degree soon enough that we could have another, we tried that day and the next and I got pregnant. 3.5 years later this third one I'm expecting now was a surprise, I had been tracking my cycles and avoiding but this one went oddly, seems that God planned another for us. Oh and I gained 20 lbs all the sudden last summer and hadn't got rid of it, so I'm around 160 now and haven't gained anything significant yet at 15 weeks along, not dieting or anything but my appetite is low.


Edit: With the weight gain and if your cycles are irregular and/or that discharge happens more than one set of days per month/cycle, you might look into a problem called PCOS. Also you might get tested for thyriod issues.

QueenOfTheMeadow's Avatar QueenOfTheMeadow 12:26 PM 07-27-2012

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Draquin's Avatar Draquin 03:25 AM 07-29-2012

My doctor checked my tyroid-- its fine. She once told me thaa I should take in lots of oil.... T_T Why I -- don't know?? I also bought two days ago a stethoscope just for interest in hearing my bowels and ect... :)

I listened through the stethoscope, = it sounded like - bubblewrap popping...? got any clue why I hear bubble wrap popping

Draquin's Avatar Draquin 04:52 AM 07-29-2012

Hi, today my period started with pink light liquidish discharge... My period should have arrived 1st august. but the 29th july is just fine... But Why is my period light...?? It's very pinkish almost yellow... O_O

Draquin's Avatar Draquin 07:09 AM 07-29-2012

I had light pinkish very very light discharge, there isn't anything else Not more discharge today... I checked two hours after the pink discharge, but there was nothing else on the TP...  O_O