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kdlalib's Avatar kdlalib 02:48 PM 08-03-2012

Hi everyone,


I'm going on a first visit to see Dr. Lorilee Schoenbeck, a naturopath in Vermont. Has anyone heard anything or seen her before? What's your opinion? Are there better, more highly recommended naturopaths in the Addison County-Chittenden County area?

omamasmama's Avatar omamasmama 11:32 PM 08-03-2012

Hi there! I don't know anything about the doctor you mentioned, but I've started seeing Dr. Katina Martin at Salisbury Natural Health. She's great, she sees the whole family, and she is also a midwife and acupuncturist. When I go for a regular visit she usually includes acupuncture treatment. We have insurance with the state of Vermont and it's all covered!


Here's her info:


Dr. Katina Martin, ND, LAc
Salisbury Natural Family Health
8 Shard Villa Rd.
Salisbury, VT 05769
(802) 352-9078


Hope that helps!

kdlalib's Avatar kdlalib 09:26 PM 08-07-2012

Thanks very much for the information. I'll definitely give her a call. She sounds terrific!

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