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Mama Soltera's Avatar Mama Soltera 08:21 PM 08-04-2012

I'm sure this is a strange question, but I am reallly hoping there is some way this is true. I have been under extreme stress for the past several years and have started greying from it (even down below). Everyone, and I mean absolutely everyone in my family going as far back as I know has not started greying until twenty years later than this so I am positive it's from stress. I don't want to get into what I've been through but I did end up with PTSD from it and I'm still coping with some of it. My question is, if the greying is from severe distress, then later, when life becomes better for the person, can your hair color go back to what it would naturally be?

Storm Bride's Avatar Storm Bride 08:32 PM 08-04-2012

I don't know how it generally works, but when I lost Aaron (my stillborn son), the grey in my hair doubled - maybe tripled - literally overnight. Six months later, it was back down to its previous level.  I am beginning to get more grey, naturally, but the "shock grey" is completely gone.


I don't know how often it works that way, but it definitely did for me.

Mama Soltera's Avatar Mama Soltera 11:37 AM 08-05-2012

Thanks for your reply. That is go to know that it can reverse itself. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your son. So sorry.

trus's Avatar trus 10:14 AM 08-08-2012

They say green juices help.

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