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I'm going out of my mind worrying about her, but at this point it's mainly a matter of being sick and tired of her being sick and not knowing why she is getting sick so often.



Basically here is the run-down, month by month:


January- she basically had a cold every other week. Looking back on it a lot of it might have been allergy induced, but it she also had viruses. She would run fevers, and typically allergies dont cause fevers.


February- Had a bad cold, vomiting on Valentines day. It lasted for two days, then it was gone.


March- She was sick the whole last week of March with an upper respiratory infection. After 5 days, I took her to the ped and she confirmed that she she had an infection and Adaline was given a 5 day dose of Amoxicillin. I didn't resist, since I was about to go out of town, and I didn't want her to be sick.


April- tons of coughing and sneezing all month long. After an evaluation my ped says that she has allergies and suggested we try to give her local food, local honey, bee pollen, and vitamins on the regular. We were already doing most of that anyway, but added the bee pollen and upped the honey to 4 tbsp per day (its pretty much the only sugar she gets right now). She said that we would do testing next spring, but that it looks/sounds like an allergy to outside, not having to do with diet. At this point we had taken her on/off so many different things to see if it would change stuff.


End of April- she had a fever of 103 for two days and was complaining that her throat hurt. I took her to the doc, no visible problems other than her throat was "a little red". No strep.


May- She had a fever of 103 for two days and after another doc trip, it was discovered that she had a uti. DD had not complained about peeing, and had been peeing regularly. I gave her one day of antibiotics. The fever went away, and she was fine, so I stopped. (she had JUST had abx not even 6 weeks beforehand, so I was worried about too much.)


June- sneezy, coughy, but other than that , pretty ok.


July- was diagnosed with bronchitis  and a slight ear infection after 3 days of a cold. Amoxicillin for 5 days. Her symptoms never went away, and after almost two days of a high fever, I took her to the ER, where she was diagnosed with pneumonia and two full blown ear infections. They said that she was a "patient fail out" for the Amoxicillin, meaning that it didnt help at all and she developed pneumonia. 10 days of another antibiotic and breathing treatments and she was better. That all ended on July 29.


Today she has had a fever of 102-103 all day long and is laying around either sleeping or just staring at me. Doesn't want to play, doesn't want to eat, etc. She's sick. Again. She's not teething, shes not complaining about it hurting when she pees, or her ears hurting. I'm sick of this. I feel like such a failure because I cant keep her healthy.

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She's 2? I dunno, nothing stands out to me, though my LOs have been in daycare and we're LUCKY to go 6 whole weeks without a sickness or fever. This summer there are SO many viruses running around... I can easily see her catching something from the shopping cart at the store, or someone bringing it home from work, etc.

I think you're doing everything right by supporting her immune system as much as possible... keep it up and this lousy spell will end, I promise!!

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We've been going through the same thing this past year! My six year old and two year old are sick constantly.  We hardly go anywhere for several weeks and they still manage to get sick.  It's depressing!  They're passing it on to us too so we've all been miserable off and on.  By the time everyone is finally well the cycle starts all over a week later with a new illness.  We eat healthy and take vitamins, I've even started madly disinfecting grocery carts and hands.  Makes no difference.  Must just be immune system building going on?  Not that it makes it any less frustrating.

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we had a year where the kids were sick constantly. i got worried and got co2 alarms and did vitamins, honey, cut out all junk, it eventually stopped. i have no idea what was going on. a few years ago, one of my kids had bronchitis every few weeks. we had her tonsils/adenoids removed and that ended it! after that, she only got colds when the rest of us did, and she wasn't the sickest out of everyone anymore. it really made a huge difference in her quality of life!

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no advice, just came here for the same reason, so i can relate. 4 year old DD has been sick non-stop since she weaned in october, almost a year ago. i just want this kid to not be sick. while nursing she never had a cold. and i can't get her to drink any of my milk even from a glass, i've tried. last week she had the start of a uti, it seems to have cleared up with lots of cranberry and green tea.


now she's been running a low grade fever for 2 days, started with a headache/congestion. while she seemed fine when she woke up, only a stuffy nose, but she vomited tonight. arg! i'm just so tired of dealing with a sick 4 year old on top of trying to keep her away from the 4 month old, who's gotten one of her colds so far. i have her on multivitamins, DHA supplements, elderberry or echinacea given once a day, lots of fruit for vit C, out door time with no sunblock for vit D. she's a very active kid. we eat a mostly plant based diet, limited eggs and very limited dairy. i don't remember the last time she had junk food. i don't think i can do anything with her diet that's going to make a difference. she could use more sleep, but i can't force her to sleep. we've tried earlier bed times which just lead to earlier rise times. I've tried everything i could think of to just keep her healthy, i think she just gets sick every time we leave the house.


the only thing that bothers me: she's gained maybe 1-2 lbs in the last year, she has grown about 3 inches in a year. just no weight gain. not sure how normal that is. DH and I are both on the small side and she's a lot bigger than what i was at her age, so i haven't been concerned, but maybe i should be.

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Poor baby, and poor mama!
I notice she's been on antibiotics quite often. Have you given her any probiotics?


I'm new to the idea of fermented foods, but everything I've learned so far is encouraging. There are bacteria in our intestines--our gut flora-- that actually work with our immune systems! If we encourage the growth of these "good" bacteria, it could dramatically improve our health. In addition to probiotics, we must try to eat a diet that caters to these bacteria.


I've also recently learned of the "GAPS" diet, which is similar to the "SCD" diet. Both highlight the importance of gut health, avoidance of bad/trigger foods, and the importance of fermented foods in the diet.

You can make your own fermented food, such as sauerkraut and yogurt. It seems like the homemade versions are "alive" and more beneficial than the store bought versions. You want to have healthy active cultures in your food.


When healthy eating is not enough, learn the whole story--learn about fermented foods, gut bacteria, and the relationship between the bacteria and immune system. I originally began this journey trying to find help for my nephew, who has intestinal problems. What I've found is a world of health information that I'm going to use for my whole family.


Here is my favorite list of beginner videos, which can serve as a good introduction. Note, these diets are not vegan or vegetarian. You can probably find vegan/vegetarian versions somewhere if you look for them.


(Yes, it's Mercola, but the info is valuable. Please give it a try! The last video is great, but all of them are worth hearing.)

So, watch the videos, and research things like "gut flora" or "bacteria and immune system" or "restore intestinal flora", and please look into the GAPS and SCD diets. I read a book about the SCD diet, and the science behind the diet is amazing.


I do hope your daughter can begin to heal!

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Have you had her Vit D level tested?

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