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lvrba's Avatar lvrba 09:52 AM 08-12-2012
I am currently on a diet/ supplement protocol for severe systemic yeast which I have had for a looong time now. Before I started the candida diet, I was already gluten, dairy, corn free for 2 months. Also in that timeframe I had drastically cut back on sugar and processed foods.

Almost immediatly after starting the candida diet, my 14 month breastfed son seems to be having a hard time sleeping and napping. Over the last days he has gradually woken up in the morning earlier and earlier. From his former wakeup at 6:30 to now a grueling 4am. greensad.gif ugh. He also doesnt nap like he used to.

Is this a sign that he is reacting to my diet? What other signs should I look for? Should I cut back a bit on the diet? I assume that he too has some level of yeast going on too. He also has rashes on his neck, but he had that before the candida diet and I assumed it was from the heat.

Any input about this would be helpful! Thanks!

heatherdeg's Avatar heatherdeg 10:27 PM 08-12-2012

If you're in the early phase of the candida diet and doing detox, I wonder if he could be reacting to that...?


What step are you on?  And if you're on step one, how are you doing that step?  That would help.  Because if you're past step one and onto the restrictive eating, I would look at what foods you've added in (to replace what you've removed) and consider how allergenic or irritating they may be for him.  Look at foods that are new since you started the diet... kwim?

lvrba's Avatar lvrba 05:22 AM 08-13-2012
I am working with my naturopath on a leaky gut protocol. This entails getting rid of food intolerances(corn, gluten, dairy),step 1. After doing that for about 2 months I got the herx reactions, was tested for candida and got high levels, so then I was put on the rotational candida diet based on the yeast syndrome book. It is not too different from what I was doing before though, now I am totally( not less ) processed sugar free, only eat 1-2 acceptable fruits a day, but amped up the greens in my diet a little. Also, I have added in a little more GF grains and a bit less meat.

Everyone tells me this way is safe for my nursling and actually am detoxing him as well. I am very concerned about stirring up potential hi levels of heavy metals that are inside me(I am not sure I have these, but believe I do)

One more qestion,Even before the candida diet I have been on a roller coaster ride of irritability. Often quite extreme where I end up yelling at my kids left and right. i don't like myself in this state. ( and my kids dont either!) Is this a 'normal' part of the healing process and is there anything I can take? Doc doesnt say much about it, I was given an adrenal stress remedy, which doesnt help a huge amount. Again, here I am also worried about the heavy metals possibly causing this.

I suppose the increase in greens could cause gas, but honestly I have not seen any overt symptoms of gas in him, so am at a loss.
heatherdeg's Avatar heatherdeg 03:15 PM 08-15-2012

I would say that if your swings pre-dated the diet it is more likely sugar/insulin imbalance than detox.  Not that it couldn't BE detox, but the sugar/insulin problems are so rampant now that it's really overlooked and would totally cause explosive behavior (actually, it CAN look downright bipolar and is often misdiagnosed that way because doctors check your sugar levels but not usually your insulin levels--which can cause these problems if they're way high... ask me how I know redface.gif ).


Watch your sugar/starch intake and make sure ANY of it is paired with fat and protein.  So any fruits, sweet-tasting vegetables, juices, grains, flour-based anything (sounds like you're done with flour-based, which is good)--if you can't cut them for a week or so to test that theory, make SURE you are eating them with plenty of fats and proteins to keep your insulin levels from spiking and then your sugar levels from plummeting.  If you can do that really strict for a good week, you would see a difference that quick.  If you trip up a bit, it may take you a little longer (because the changes in your behavior wouldn't be as extreme).


And really, now that you're detoxing, it MIGHT be hard to tell, but it's worth trying.


If you find that this makes a difference, you might consider treating yourself for hyperinsulinism/pre-diabetes.  Dr. Mark Hyman's book "The Blood Sugar Solution" is a good jumping off point for that.

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