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mom61508's Avatar mom61508 11:16 PM 08-19-2012

On and off for the last month or so I've been having a burning,gnawing senation with some nausea in my upper abdomen area. Usually my bowels are "different" during this time as well. Different meaning constipation and loose stools all at the same time. It lasted for a week this last time and now it's back again. Worse than ever. For 4 days now I have this constant pressure in my rectum and although I'm having a movment at least once a dayy I still have this pressure. It was so bad last night along with an extreme feeling to throw up(never did) that I went to the ER that very morning.I also have had really bad lower back pain with this. I had an abdominal CT scan with contrast and all came back normal besides a slightly enlarged ovary,moderate amount of stool in my rectum and they could not find my appendix. Today I'm still abit nauseas and now have had the runs all day. I've also developed a nasty sore throat with slight cough. 

My question is what step should I take next? BTW Ive been on an elminatio diet so I've only been consuming grassfed meats, lots of fats,vegetables and fruit. Also some nuts and seeds.  I would so appreciate some feedback!

HuntressMother's Avatar HuntressMother 08:52 AM 08-20-2012

Hello Mama. Im so very sorry that youre going though this right now. Big hugs to you hug2.gif.


Maybe you have IBS, peptic ulcer or galbladder issues. I myself have issues with my GB and have times of extreme nausea, sweating, shaking and 'the runs'. This is normally called a 'gb attack'. The buring, gnawing sensation that you described sounds very much like an ulcer. Ive also expeirenced this feeling during a few of my gb attacks as well.


My aunt has IBS and complains of a feeling of 'fullness' or pressure in her rectum as well. She says that it comes and goes and it very uncomfortable. She also suffers from constipation.


I know that you have to be very stressed out right now so perhaps all of that stress has lowerd your immune system and when you took that trip to the ER you picked up something there. Im not sure if the cold-like symptoms and the stomach issues are at all related, but it wouldnt hurt to mention it to a specialist if you decide you need to visit one.


The best advice that I can give you personally is to get as much rest as possible and keep a close eye on your OVER ALL health and take note of any changes. If you dont feel much better very soon, it might be a good idea to ask your doctor to refer you to a specialist.


Here is a quick link to information on IBS symptoms:


I wish you the best and hope that you feel much better very soon!


Ps: Keep us updated and let us know how youre doing.

BellinghamCrunchie's Avatar BellinghamCrunchie 11:06 AM 08-20-2012

I think HuntressMother summed it up really well and gave good advice.


I just want to add that the sore throat could be from reflux, related to that burning, gnawing sensation in your stomach yesterday.


Gall bladder or IBS seem like the most likely culprits. I would recommend eating FAT FREE today and for the next few days until things settle down, then see what happens when you try fatty foods.

mom61508's Avatar mom61508 10:03 PM 08-20-2012

Thanks for the support and kindness. Whats the best way to check gallbladder? I'm doing a stool test tomorrow and considering a colonoscpy. Feeling better today but very constipated. 

june'smom's Avatar june'smom 01:00 PM 08-22-2012

My sister just had her GB taken out after months of puking and having the runs, followed by constipation.  She was almost always nauseous, also.


Her doc did an ultra sound and found her GB full of gallstones.  Might be worth asking about at your next appt.

BellinghamCrunchie's Avatar BellinghamCrunchie 09:44 PM 08-28-2012
Originally Posted by mom61508 View Post

Thanks for the support and kindness. Whats the best way to check gallbladder? I'm doing a stool test tomorrow and considering a colonoscpy. Feeling better today but very constipated. 


Definitely an ultrasound for gallbladder before the more invasive colonoscopy, for your own comfort :) Ultrasound is fast and painless and you don't have to do the horrible prep that you do for a colonoscopy. Plus, your symptoms really point pretty strongly to gallbladder. Gallbladder disease nausea is unlike other kinds of nausea... it can make you feel incredibly nauseated, way past the point of nausea that at other times in your life had resulted in vomittng, yet in spite of how intense the nausea gets, a person doesn't often throw up with gallbladder disease. Its weird.

MamaBookworm's Avatar MamaBookworm 08:25 AM 08-31-2012

I just went through a year long saga of weight loss, nausea, abdominal pain, bowel movements similar to what you described and a few "attacks" where I honestly thought I was having a heart attack. Bloodwork, colonoscopy, endoscopy and abdominal ultrasound did not get me a diagnosis. Eventually I tried an elimination diet and don't eat gluten anymore (but tested negative for celiac, so I know it's not that). People thought I had cancer I looked so bad.


The colonoscopy itself wasn't bad, but the prep is kind of a pain especially if you are working or chasing after little ones.


Anyway, I was desperate for relief and I started acupuncture and something called mayan abdominal massage, with amazing results. 

I definitely think it's still worth going to a GI doc and getting your symptoms checked out there, but I had really constricted connective tissue in my whole abdomen and the massage sort of relaxed it all, and moved my organs back into place. I went twice to a therapist, but she taught me the massage techniques and you can do it to yourself every day. 

I'm so sorry you are going through this. It's so frustrating when you can't figure out what is wrong. Best wishes that you get some answers and relief soon!

mom61508's Avatar mom61508 01:49 PM 09-06-2012

Thanks ladies. I'm still trying to figure things out. My ND has been hesitant about doing further testing. My mid/right abdominal area is very tender to the touch. Can really hold my baby on thet side bc her legs make it uncomftoable for me. I'm thinking my first step will be a abdominal ultrasound. The tenderness is scary :(

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