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Can someone help me why I am so tired all the time? I feel like I am ready for bed after noon and after DS goes down for a nap. sleepytime.gif 


I am not pregnant. DS weaned last week so I am no longer breastfeeding and pumping. I have been doing P90X and on the first week of Phase 3. (I lost 15 pounds. Yay!) I am somewhat utilizing the P90X diet but have always been on a low carb diet before I ever began P90X. I have since increased my carbs (but nothing with wheat gluten) and am eating 4 small meals a day. I have tried increasing my green tea intake since it keeps me awake but it only does so much. I am still taking my prenatal vitamins. This has been going on since last year. I have pushed it off thinking it may be a phase I think something is really wrong with me. The only thing that can help me stay awake a little bit longer is if I take a 2 hour nap. I decreased my nap times before to wean myself from naps but... to keep myself awake until DBF comes home, I have to have a 2 hour nap. 


Also, here are my wakeup/sleep times:


Wake-up: 6:30 am

Nap: Around noon.

Wake-up from nap: Around 2:00-2:30pm (or whenever DS wakes up)

Bedtime: Around 11:30-midnight


DBF comes home around 9:30 pm. I then put DS to bed and make dinner for him, clean up the house, and stay up with him. DBF is a night owl and plays Diablo; goes to bed at 2-3am. I am an early bird and hate staying up but... I prefer to spend time with him before I go to bed. I tried going to bed earlier before (around 10:30-11pm) and wake up too early (at 3am most of the time). It may be from my wacky sleep schedule but how come I am more tired now than I was when DS was a newborn? lol. As I am typing this, I feel like this: wild.gif

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Well, my first thought is that your night sleep averages 6.5 hours (I'm guessing you don't drop off the minute your head hits the pillow; I'm also guessing DBF does disturb sleep quality a bit when he comes to bed at 2-3 am too). That's under normal needs. So it doesn't surprise me you feel tired. If the quality isn't great and you're also out of your own body rhythms in terms of going to bed later than you're wired it makes even more sense.

You can have vitamin D (25 OH D--you want 50 to 80 no matter what the lab says is normal), thyroid, iron (though likely ok given you're still doing prenatals, and b12. Are you supplementing vitamin D3. If not you're very likely low.

Do you wake up tired? Do you snore? Either of those might warrant a sleep study.

I really suspect you're just not getting enough quality sleep.

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I agree, 6.5 hrs is nowhere near enough for me. I can function for a couple of days but if that was my regular routine I would be wrecked.

Also, could you be over-exercising? I'm not familiar with the program you mentioned but I used to have a personal trainer who had me doing very heavy weights and HIIT for my cardio. I was *exhausted* all the time but it never occurred to me I was over-exercising because it was only 4 days a week and I hate exercise so I've never done enough to overdo it. Wasn't until he left our area and I started seeing someone else that I started to feel better and realized what it was.

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Now that I typed it out, I can see that I am not getting enough hours of sleep. And it is true that I am not having quality amount of sleep. Every time DBF gets into bed, I wake up immediately. I'm surprised it doesn't wake up DS also. Once I am awake, I am awake for an hour or so before I fall asleep again. But that's just something that I can't help as he can't fall asleep before his usual bedtime.


I have been lacking on the Vitamin D though and haven't been supplementing. I haven't been outside very much due the extremely hot temps. I've been cooped up in the air conditioned house. I think I'm pretty good on all the other vitamins/minerals besides Vit D. I might try out supplementing Vitamin D then.


About the P90X exercise program, it has you do a different exercise 6x a week. So, like for example, core exercises on Mon, arms and back exercises on Tuesday, Yoga on Weds, cardio on Thurs, etc, etc.  It is a lot of exercising though but I am usually sedentary besides cleaning the house (which is like 3-4 hours a day) and chasing after DS (all day except nap time). lol. I give myself 2 rest days instead of the 1 rest day they give you, and I feel much better that way.

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