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MountainMamaGC's Avatar MountainMamaGC 07:43 PM 09-05-2012

What do you do in your home to prepare for cold and flu season? 


I ordered vitamin D, Chewable vitamin C with echinacea, Childrens Sambucol, and probiotics. We eat fairly healthy, but I noticed my DD had a lot of colds during her first year of preschool. She takes a multivitamin and a chewable cod liver oil capsule daily all year long. I plan to give her vitamin D and probiotics daily, but just use the vitamin C and sambucol when she seems to be coming down with something. 


Since the season is coming upon us soon, I thought I would ask what everyone does.

MyName's Avatar MyName 10:57 AM 09-06-2012

Extra Vitamin D. Lots of fruits and vegetables. Warm, hearty meals with lots of garlic, onions, and bone broth. Probiotics. Essential Oils- I rub a blend of anti-viral EOs on my son's feet every day and then put his socks on over top. Helps protect him when he's out in the germy world. winky.gif Burning anti-viral, anti-bacterial essential oils in the house and cleaning with them. FRESH AIR!!! <<< Most important thing ever in cold/flu season where we are all stuck in our homes. Opening the windows every once in a while helps.

BubbleMa's Avatar BubbleMa 08:24 AM 09-07-2012

Thanks for this post!  I've started thinking about this too.  We hardly ever get sick here, but I've already been sick twice since DD went back to school.  And the baby has a little cough.  :(  I'm not messing around this year with the new baby.


MyName, can you tell me more about the salve you put on your LO's feet?  That sounds interesting, I've not heard that suggestion before.  Is that something I could do for the baby? 


I'm going to be more vigilant about putting breastmilk in her nostrils before we go out, and washing her little hands more, maybe making some kind of EO wipes to keep in my purse.  People don't really touch her face, but they do like to touch her hands.  And then of course, her hands go in her mouth.


Does anyone keep a little vial of BM in the fridge?  I'm thinking of doing that.  It's good for so many different things.  Just refresh it ever few days.

MyName's Avatar MyName 02:22 PM 09-11-2012 <<< That's what I use for his feet. I've been doing it since he was only a few months old, probably about 6 months?

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