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Saasana's Avatar Saasana 01:02 PM 09-06-2012

I am a mother of 8 months twins.  My son was eating yogurt fine for the past 3 weeks, now he threw up twice his lunch ( chicken) on the days he ate yogurt. Do you think he is allergic to yogurt or chicken and yogurt aren't good match???


My daughter was eating egg fine when i introduced it, past 3 weeks, now she threw up her lunch twice a couple of hours later having it - she also has very mild ezcema, dry patches.

what is happening with these two babies???



HappyHappyMommy's Avatar HappyHappyMommy 11:22 PM 09-19-2012

Hi; welcome to MDC! It can be stressful when children are vomiting, especially when it's not clear what's going on. I'm sending good thoughts to you and hope your children feel better soon. I'm bumping up your post for attention. smile.gif Anyone have experiences or advice to share?

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