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LisaRey's Avatar LisaRey 10:37 PM 09-06-2012

I have three kids. One is a daughter with no health problems at all. The other two are boys, both with eczema. When my second son was diagnosed (yesterday, in fact), I suddenly began making connections I had never even imagined when working with my first. I thought of the fillings in my mouth--that, incidentally, I got while pregnant or just before getting pregnant with my first son. I thought of how both boys had candida growing in the folds of the skin on their necks, behind their ears, etc. And suddenly I wondered if there was a connection.


An hour or two of research told me there most likely is. I can't wait for our appointment with my older son's naturopath next Tuesday to discuss all these things with him.


In the mean time, I found this thread:

A JaneS was telling her story, and she connected all three--eczema, yeast, and heavy metals. I just joined and for some reason can't PM anyone. Or reply to that thread. However, I would like to talk to her. Anyone know how I can do that?


And has anyone else noticed a connection between those three things? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Marnica's Avatar Marnica 09:40 AM 09-10-2012

I have heard that there is a connection. Are your children vaccinated? Vaccines also can contain heavy metals.


I have a 4.5 yr old son with eczema and he is unvaccinated and I had all my amalgams removed many years before I got pregnant so as for where his comes from who knows as nobody in my family of DH's family has it.

LisaRey's Avatar LisaRey 11:54 PM 10-06-2012

No, I have not had my children vaccinated. :) I do have fillings, however.


But I am beginning to suspect there is more of a spiritual element to my boys' eczema. This may sound weird, but I have a friend who can read quantum energy and interpret what the cells of the body are saying, at least within the realm of her knowledge (kind of like I can speak Spanish within the realm of my Spanish vocabulary--if I don't know a word, I can't interpret it). Anyhow, she says there is a spiritual dimension to their health issues, and I think she may be right. In fact, I am beginning to suspect that the emotional/spiritual health of the parents has a big impact on the health of the children.


I recently got the book The Healing Code and have been reading it and using it on myself. My husband ordered his own copy (he won't read it on my iPod's kindle app), so once he's read it he will probably start using it on himself. I suspect that as we resolve our own issues, our sons' eczema will improve. It's just a theory, though, and needs to be tested!

Marnica's Avatar Marnica 02:19 PM 10-12-2012

Interesting! keep us posted

lcherian's Avatar lcherian 05:06 AM 10-22-2012
I am convinced that my consumption of processed and genetically modified foods was the cause of my daughter's eczema. Have you tried a dairy or gluten free diet? Google eczema and leaky gut.
HouseofPeace's Avatar HouseofPeace 03:04 PM 11-06-2012

I'm a little overwhelmed right now b/c my previously robust and totally healthy 3 year old just busted out eczema.


I was GAPS diet most of pregnancy, exclusively breastfed for 7 months, then traditionally prepared foods, no vaccines, and she was fine until we just moved.  we're eating the same foods, same farms even, but she's got horrible painful eczema break-outs behind her knees.  she's our 3rd child, has a very strong constitution, and this is really throwing us off.  


Our entire household is gluten-free, GMO free, we have consumed a little more organic sugar lately (baking for birthdays and community), and a few less fermented veggies (haven't made my kimchi since moving in July), but it's really hard to figure out what to do at this point.  


Today we took her off her beloved raw milk (grass-fed) for a week trial.  we just cranked on the woodstove for winter, and that flared it up fierce.  i suspect both mold and dust mites in this house, as well as scented laundry detergent (3 of the many things environmentally that have changed since we moved), so switched laundry detergent this week and just washed all her clothes again in a very dilute cycle.


help or advice anyone?  it's so hard for her to not feel good and i'm ready to do anything to resolve this!

MyLilPwny's Avatar MyLilPwny 10:24 PM 11-06-2012
I got my amalgams removed in 2004 from a holistic dentist trained in Dr. Huggins' protocol. I got pregnant in early 2007. I think the mercury was pretty much all out of my system by then. I also don't have a yeast and heavy metals problem as far as I know. My daughter was born at home & not vaccinated.

My daughter had eczema as a baby. It was the worst on her cheeks. Poor baby she was so itchy.

It took a while to diagnose, but my daughter's eczema from when she was a baby was an electromagnetic allergy. Me sitting in front of our iMac computer caused her eczema, which obviously I didn't know the cause back then. When she started crawling and being mobile, her eczema disappeared except for some on her lower legs, which remained there for many months and that eczema on her lower legs was not disappearing. Then we had a practitioner do N.E.T. (Neuro Emotional Technique) on her and fount out that eczema was caused by a "stuck emotion" in her body that originated from a past life of hers, 18 lifetimes ago. The emotion was freed from her by telling her to think about that emotion from her past life while patting her back to free it. Her eczema on her lower legs was 90% gone that night and completely vanished the next morning.

Then when she was 3, she had a new patch of eczema on her lower back right above her butt. That is when we had a practitioner do applied kinesiology on her to pinpoint the cause of a eczema, and thats when electromagnetic allergy came up. Food allergy & other allergies came up negative. I realized that she had just gotten an iPad for her 3rd birthday & she was using it a lot so that made sense the eczema would pop up. We put an electromagnetic protector on the iPad & had her stop using it for a while & her eczema vanished pretty quickly.

ETA: I'm pretty good about putting electromagnetic protectors on everything and my daughter is 5 now & we haven't had any eczema problems in a really long time. But I just wanted to say that I got a new laptop computer recently, one of those touch screen ones & over this weekend, my daughter & I were using it a lot and I had not yet put an electromagnetic protector on it. Then while I was bathing her yesterday on Monday, I felt on her lower back area right above her butt, she started to get really rough skin, a bunch of bumps like almost going to turn into eczema! Like I haven't felt this on her since she was 3. That quickly reminded me that I needed to stick an electromagnetic protector on my laptop, and not have her use it. Today, Tuesday while bathing her, the bumps are now gone. Knowing her electromagnetic allergy, I'm sure this would have turned into eczema again.
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